Wednesday, 2 July 2014


My friends (Lauren, Chloe and Tilly) and I first proposed the idea of a holiday together back in winter. Initially, I favoured glamping (glamorous camping) and the inexpensive, bohemian experience I thought it would give us. What with our exams and expert procrastination however, we left booking a good glamping sight rather late, and ended up with nowhere to go. To be honest, I suspect that not every group member was totally keen on the idea of glamorous camping anyway, causing sluggish progress to be made regarding our looking and booking process. So we entered crisis mode... only a tiny slot of time where we could all go away together, overloaded with exams at the time of booking, all finishing exams at different times, a tight budget, and most places fully booked. Out of curiosity we began to look online at holidays abroad, which is when we found that the cheapest flights were to Lanzarote. One thing led to another, and sheer excitement and surprise at the good price meant that within a couple of days we had scrapped our glamping plans and were off to Lanzarote for four nights... in just three weeks! Timings were so tight that we were picking up Lauren after her last exam and heading straight to the airport -  I suppose that's what you get when you are a group of last minute planners! 

To cut a long story short, it was amazing. I didn't know what to expect and had read a few horror stories on Trip Advisor, but I was thoroughly impressed with our apartment complex and the island in general. At the hotel (which wasn't really a hotel but lots of adorable apartments) there were two Spanish lads on the animation team who were about 20-24 or so, and their sheer avoidance of us compared to their interaction with everyone else provided my friends and me with tons of entertainment... maybe we looked snobby due to our reluctance to join in with pool games, or for some reason incredibly off putting... either way it was funny. The hotel was called Apartamentos Morromar and was in Puerto Del Carmen. It was perfect - a very pretty and well kept hotel with two pools and plenty of cats (yay!), a 5 euro taxi ride away from the main strip and 5 minute walk away from the beach. We spent most of the days at the pool, beach, looking in the little shops and being entertained by our estranged animation team. In the evening we would get a ride into the Puerto Del Carmen and try out the cocktails bars and clubs. I was sooooo impressed! I'm embarassed now, but I had the impression that Lanzarote was a popular place for older couples and wouldn't have much to offer... how wrong I was. The strip had loads to offer and there was a huge variety of people. Our favourites were a cool bar called Africa which had a brilliant duo playing live music every night and Golden Corner, a lively cocktail bar which served every drink with sparklers... I'm actually kind of scared of sparklers but it was fun anyway! 

My friends and I enjoyed having a own apartment loads and couldn't believe how much we got for the price. Our balcony was such a sun trap and had a lovely sea view - perfect for playing cards or drying your bikini on. We didn't want to leave, four nights was not enough and we even considered going back in August - I'll have to see how my funds are doing! I didn't take many photographs as I actually filmed a lot with the intention of putting together a little holiday movie in the near future - but here's a few :)

I am now well and truly branded as a crazy cat lady due to how I practically melted when seeing any of the countless cats and kittens at the hotel. I love Apartamentos Morromar even more because they are lovely to the kitties and guests can buy food at reception to feed their little fury faces :) One last thing... when I took the sunset pictures from the balcony, Drunk in Love was playing in the background, a big chunk of my friendship group was with me, and the night was so still, it was a perfect moment.