Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Jacket - Topshop, Shirt - my brother's, Top - Topshop, Leggings - Zara, Trainers - Asos

Sorry for my awkward stance... my camera batteries need charging so I had to ask my mom to take these photos of me on my phone. I'm not use to having an actual photographer as I usually just make do with the self timer thingybob! This is just a casual outfit that I wore to sixth form today. Actually, we should have had the day off (it's a "work moderation" day) but my history teacher decided to schedule a three hour mock! My history exam is in less than a month though so I need the practise. The teachers bought us Domino's after too so I can't complain! I cannot believe that the first week of April is over and exams are looming... where did year 13 go?! I think this year is so hard because there's all the stress of university applications on top of schoolwork - I'll miss school loads though. Did anyone watch Made in Chelsea last night?! It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I hardly watch any television these days but I just couldn't resist! I can't stand so many of the characters but it's literally addictive ;)

Hope you're having a lovely day, 



  1. You look so cool, sort of effortless and indie cool! I love Made in Chelsea too, Stevie is my favouriteeee, but Binky is everyones girl crush.

  2. I am so with you on the MiC front! It's highly addictive