Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Pros and Cons of List-Making

Ahhh, to do lists... so many of us write them, think they make us feel better, more organised, less mentally-cluttered. But I think they have a down side (shocking I know). Ironically, I'm now going to create a sort of list about list-making... listception!


  • Initially you feel organised and clear on your tasks 
  • To do lists can make you feel motivated and ready to complete your tasks
  • Feels like a good way to start the day


  • Writing a lengthy to do list can cause you to feel totally out of your depth. After putting my pen down I often think "I'll never get all this done! Where on Earth do I start?!"
  • If my predictions are correct and I do not complete all my tasks, I feel unaccomplished and disappointed with myself, meaning I lose motivation! 
  • Writing a list often acts as a time waster when I'm not quite in the frame of mind to begin my tasks yet, or I'm just procrastinating. It's easy to write a neat, pretty list and feel like I'm being productive when I probably should be jumping into my work and making a start - any tiny step is progress :)
  • When you put down the various jobs you have to complete, you're not focusing on one thing at a time. I have a ton of coursework to do at the moment for all four of my A2 classes. It's very easy to get completely overwhelmed, which I did. I became totally unproductive. I find that focusing on just one subject a day and blocking out all other tasks helps me to produce quality work in a shorter amount of time. Worrying about my intimidating workload slows me down and stresses me out. Thinking about one thing at a time is the way forward! :) 

What's your opinion on list-making?



  1. I am a MAJOR list writer but have definitely experienced all of the cons you mention.. also, I tend to add thing that I know in all reality I will never prioritize time time to do which makes my list even longer & even moooore overwhelming!

    1. I do the whole adding unrealistic goals too, definitely a de-motivator! Lists are pesky things!