Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Storage Solutions (for small rooms)

I love my small room, it's cute and cosy. It's also taught me several storage solutions that will continue to serve me well when I (hopefully) move into a room in university halls this Autumn. I read Erin's (from Reading My Tea Leaves) recent post about living in a tiny apartment and was inspired to share my tips! 


Now technically, this could be classed as clutter, but I love the look of books and notebooks - they're so bright and literally embody your own personal interests. Just try to keep the stack under control to avoid book jenga! Please excuse the handful of teen books that I cannot seem to bring myself to throw away just yet...

Don't hoard clothes!

This one is fairly obvious, but I find sorting trough my wardrobe every couple of months quite enjoyable! It feels good to donate unwanted clothes to charity shops and finally be able to close my drawers again - they do get rather full. 

"Steal" Space

My brother doesn't live at home most of the time and doesn't mind me sneaking a few dresses into his wardrobe. My theory is that if you have the small room, you should be granted the privileged to "borrow" any wasted space around the house ;)

Wall Hooks

Hooks are handy for housing larger clothes and bags and fill a bare space with some colour too.

Blanket Box

I'm planning on purchasing a big, sturdy blanket box that will be home to coats and school work and whatever else finds its way inside! I'm envisioning that it will be strong enough to sit on meaning I can make it look cosier by chucking a blanket and cushion on top - that way it can replace my wicker chair. 

Hat Stand

A hat stand is similar to wall hooks but provides you with 360 degree hanging opportunities! That is probably mathematically incorrect... I basically mean that it's not nailed on the wall and so you won't have to do any tedious DIY! Or actually, I suppose you might have to put the hat stand together... 

Decorative Storage

I like to use suitcases and gift boxes because they are practical but add interest to your room and can conveniently fill awkward spaces. This suitcase lives under my chair and keeps my hair straighteners out the way! 

How do you get around the storage dilemma?



  1. Great tips! I have way too many books so I have to pile them all up! :)

    1. I've seen "invisible" book selves which look like huge piles of books... maybe we should look into it haha ;)