Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Shorts - Forever 21, Shirt - Gap, Jumper - New Look, Tights - TK Maxx, Belt - H&M, Coat - Cornwall, Boots - Next

Happy Wednesday! Today I been watching loads of Casey Neistat's short films as well as getting some work done. Casey is sooooo cool and I LOVE the style of his films, definitely check them out - beware of their addictive nature however (I could watch and re-watch them all day). I feel all inspired and motivated after watching him living his dream in NYC and then travelling around the world on spontaneous adventures :) 

On to the outfit... I bought these fleece-lined tights in TK Maxx the other day and have been enjoying the warmth they give my legs on these chilly January days, they're much warmer than normal tights. Speaking of chilly days, my school is freezing at the moment and it's horrible. I have mock exams next week and can't say the thought of sitting in the icy, un-heated, smelly gym is boosting their appeal! I am tempted to wear my dressing gown. 

Hope you're having a fun week,


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