Saturday, 11 January 2014


(First 5 images from Tumblr)

I often look at minimalist interior design and think how lovely and crisp and bright it looks, but I always choose cosy over clutter-free. My uncle and his fiancĂ© came for dinner on Thursday and the kitchen just looked so homely and cute. I'm glad my mom and I added the little fairy lights above the window, I'm a fairy light addict :) Although the copious amounts of Tumblr photos showing snug bedrooms and hideaways look effortless, I actually think that achieving the perfect cosy-casual look can be quite tricky... How many cushions? How much should I ruffle and crease my blankets? And how many blankets? Should they all clash? I'm probably over thinking it. My bed is looking fairly cushy, however I think it could do with a more un-made look... I might go and mess it all up after I've finished this post! Either way, I'm a big fan of clashing patterns, fairy lights, more cushions than necessary and manageable amounts of clutter ;) Nick-nacks, little ornaments and decorations can give a room tons more personality. Having said that, a minimalist room definitely has a strong personality too... but I'll always go back to fairy lights! 



  1. I totally agree with you Jane! I love everything cosy & fairy lights are the best! I also spend way too long looking at cool bedrooms on tumblr...

  2. I actually adore all of these photographs of beds. If only mine would look like this, haha. I personally do believe the fairy lights give the look a total hit. I love it!

    Jes | Naturally Jes