Wednesday, 2 July 2014


My friends (Lauren, Chloe and Tilly) and I first proposed the idea of a holiday together back in winter. Initially, I favoured glamping (glamorous camping) and the inexpensive, bohemian experience I thought it would give us. What with our exams and expert procrastination however, we left booking a good glamping sight rather late, and ended up with nowhere to go. To be honest, I suspect that not every group member was totally keen on the idea of glamorous camping anyway, causing sluggish progress to be made regarding our looking and booking process. So we entered crisis mode... only a tiny slot of time where we could all go away together, overloaded with exams at the time of booking, all finishing exams at different times, a tight budget, and most places fully booked. Out of curiosity we began to look online at holidays abroad, which is when we found that the cheapest flights were to Lanzarote. One thing led to another, and sheer excitement and surprise at the good price meant that within a couple of days we had scrapped our glamping plans and were off to Lanzarote for four nights... in just three weeks! Timings were so tight that we were picking up Lauren after her last exam and heading straight to the airport -  I suppose that's what you get when you are a group of last minute planners! 

To cut a long story short, it was amazing. I didn't know what to expect and had read a few horror stories on Trip Advisor, but I was thoroughly impressed with our apartment complex and the island in general. At the hotel (which wasn't really a hotel but lots of adorable apartments) there were two Spanish lads on the animation team who were about 20-24 or so, and their sheer avoidance of us compared to their interaction with everyone else provided my friends and me with tons of entertainment... maybe we looked snobby due to our reluctance to join in with pool games, or for some reason incredibly off putting... either way it was funny. The hotel was called Apartamentos Morromar and was in Puerto Del Carmen. It was perfect - a very pretty and well kept hotel with two pools and plenty of cats (yay!), a 5 euro taxi ride away from the main strip and 5 minute walk away from the beach. We spent most of the days at the pool, beach, looking in the little shops and being entertained by our estranged animation team. In the evening we would get a ride into the Puerto Del Carmen and try out the cocktails bars and clubs. I was sooooo impressed! I'm embarassed now, but I had the impression that Lanzarote was a popular place for older couples and wouldn't have much to offer... how wrong I was. The strip had loads to offer and there was a huge variety of people. Our favourites were a cool bar called Africa which had a brilliant duo playing live music every night and Golden Corner, a lively cocktail bar which served every drink with sparklers... I'm actually kind of scared of sparklers but it was fun anyway! 

My friends and I enjoyed having a own apartment loads and couldn't believe how much we got for the price. Our balcony was such a sun trap and had a lovely sea view - perfect for playing cards or drying your bikini on. We didn't want to leave, four nights was not enough and we even considered going back in August - I'll have to see how my funds are doing! I didn't take many photographs as I actually filmed a lot with the intention of putting together a little holiday movie in the near future - but here's a few :)

I am now well and truly branded as a crazy cat lady due to how I practically melted when seeing any of the countless cats and kittens at the hotel. I love Apartamentos Morromar even more because they are lovely to the kitties and guests can buy food at reception to feed their little fury faces :) One last thing... when I took the sunset pictures from the balcony, Drunk in Love was playing in the background, a big chunk of my friendship group was with me, and the night was so still, it was a perfect moment. 


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

OOTD: Double Black

Trousers - American Apparel, Top - H&M, Cardigan - Asos, Shoes - Volley

Hello! I'm back after a long blogging slump with a quick and simple ootd. I'm not a huge " black on black" wearer, but I like how it looks with my slouchy cardigan thrown on top, and crop tops go so well with my super highwaisted riding pants. I've been obsessed with The Wolf of Wall Street soundtrack lately, hence the title of this post (Double Dutch is a song on the soundtrack!). I've also be loving Rattus Novegicus by The Stranglers - it's one of those albums where I skip no songs and just cannot pick a favourite! I've finished my exams now,  but I had those two alums playing alternatively in the background during my hardcore revision. Speaking of exams, how are you all getting on? Have you finished yet, or are you still working away? My friends and I are heading to Spain on a short break tomorrow - we've been planning to go away together for ages, and this week turned out to be the only week appropriate, so it's become an end of exam celebration sort of shindig :) I'm excited, but also kind of nervous... does anybody else get nervous before going on holiday!? Maybe it's just me... 
By the way, I thought I'd try out a new font, so for a while it's going to look inconsistent with my older posts (which is going to grate on me!), but hopefully it'll integrate itself soon :) 

Hope you're all well,


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

OOTD: New Clothes!

Riding Pants - American Apparel, Top & Shirt - Topshop, Shoes - Volley, Sunglasses - Tesco

Hello everyone! It was my eighteenth birthday on Friday and I have a few new items of clothing that I'm very excited about. My friends and I went to London for the day on Thursday (for my b'day) and whilst I was there, I couldn't resist popping into American Apparel. There is an AA near me, but the Oxford Street store is much bigger! I have to say, I wasn't expecting AA to munch its way through my funds quite as much, but I don't regret my purchases. I love these riding pants because they're comfortable and so versatile - you can wear them like leggings but they look fab with a crop top and heels for a night out too :D I adore the panneling on the inner knee and the ribbed material. Also, they're the perfect length for me which is a huge bonus (I'm 5ft 8 and a half). I also bought a simple raglan top as raglan is my favorite sleeve type! I wore this casual outfit to school today... it's weird to be jacket-less, but it's a nice change too. A checked shirt is such an essential and this (b'day) one is so cool, thank you nan and grandad! My shoes are new too, I got them from TK Maxx with my birthday money and they were a complete bargain - £19.99! I was planning to get some Superga trainers, but I thought these Volley ones were just as nice and much more reasonable price-wise. I'm trying to save for my (ridiculously expensive) university accommodation for later this year - it's proving to be difficult, but I'm making some progress :) 

I have lots of photos from my London day-trip and plenty of funny stories from the outing... that post will be up soon! Hope you're all well, 


Monday, 21 April 2014

Lazy Mornings

It's the holiday. I wake up at around ten, put my dressing gown and slippers on, go downstairs and make a cup of tea... and then get back into bed. By this time, my little cat has joined me, jumped onto my bed and found a comfy spot. I grab my laptop and begin to watch and re-watch my favorite YouTubers with my comforting warm mug of tea in my hands and the sounds of lawnmowers, trains, planes and birds filtering in through the open window. I have to admit, I could spend hours and hours doing this, just lazing around in my fluffy duvet... ohh the luxuries of the holiday. I don't feel guilty for indulging in this slow, restful morning routine, although it does have its drawbacks (e.g. preventing me from starting revision early). But let's not taint this post with negativity, there's so much of that around already. These mornings are a million miles from my usual mad rush before sixth form - they are one of my favorite aspects of free time. 


Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Jacket - Topshop, Shirt - my brother's, Top - Topshop, Leggings - Zara, Trainers - Asos

Sorry for my awkward stance... my camera batteries need charging so I had to ask my mom to take these photos of me on my phone. I'm not use to having an actual photographer as I usually just make do with the self timer thingybob! This is just a casual outfit that I wore to sixth form today. Actually, we should have had the day off (it's a "work moderation" day) but my history teacher decided to schedule a three hour mock! My history exam is in less than a month though so I need the practise. The teachers bought us Domino's after too so I can't complain! I cannot believe that the first week of April is over and exams are looming... where did year 13 go?! I think this year is so hard because there's all the stress of university applications on top of schoolwork - I'll miss school loads though. Did anyone watch Made in Chelsea last night?! It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I hardly watch any television these days but I just couldn't resist! I can't stand so many of the characters but it's literally addictive ;)

Hope you're having a lovely day, 


Saturday, 5 April 2014


I'm not having the best of days, but seeing my little cat looking so relaxed on my bed made me happy. Pets really do provide therapy! Cats don't overcomplicate or over-think or struggle to be assertive... maybe I should take a leaf out of their book. 


Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Over the past year, I have developed a deep fixation with stripes. They're classic, simple, neutral and just so pleasing to look at. I have to admit that I tend to stay at the top end when it comes to stripes... meaning that unfortunately I don't own any striped trousers/shorts/skirts. I love to throw on a striped top with skinny jeans and a biker jacket - so easy. Having said that, a pair of high waisted stripey shorts would be fab for summer... I'll have to keep my eye out for a some! 

Jeans - Urban Outfitters (BDG), Top - Forever 21, Jacket - Topshop, Trainers - Asos

As I said, my favourite way to wear stripes is just in a rather boring way (seen above). But I do adore outfits like this and they're great to chuck on for sixth form. This faux suede/shearling biker jacket has to be one of my best bargains ever - £25 down for £65! Such a great buy. 

Sammi AKA BeautyCrush is a stripe advocate and I enjoy taking inspiration from her Instagram OOTDs:

 I also follow a popular Instagram account called "livelovebeautyy1" that posts tons of outfit photos (most of which I think are from Tumblr). I picked out a couple of stripey looks to share:

I always tell myself not overuse words such as timeless, classic, neutral, staple etc etc etc,  but stripes seriously are a timeless, classic, neutral staple in anybody's wardrobe. They'll never go out of fashion, unlike the wacky trends we all go crazy for... spending a load of money on the "in" pieces which then proceed to head back out a few months later. An obsession with stripes is also a eonomical obsession (haha!) ;) 

Are you a stripe lover?


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Three Stars and a Wish #1

When I was younger, my peers and I used to mark our school work using the "Three Stars and a Wish" method... actually it may have been two stars but I want three! I'd been thinking about starting a week overview post and the star/wish system works pretty well - the stars being good moments, thoughts or whatever else from the week, and the wish being something to bear in mind for the week ahead:


* Having a 10 minute road trip with my friends Chloe and Tilly! Chloe has just bought her first car and we're all rather excited about it - it's the first car of our friendship group too ;)

* Finishing the first draft of my English Literature coursework! Feels so good to have a solid piece of work finished and just "tweaking" to do

* Trying out the library as a "coursework completion location". Definitely a great place for focus and productivity


- I need to get myself organised with school and ask for help from my teachers. I'v been feeling overwhelmed with it all lately it's getting me down. Time for it to stop! 

How was your week?


Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Pros and Cons of List-Making

Ahhh, to do lists... so many of us write them, think they make us feel better, more organised, less mentally-cluttered. But I think they have a down side (shocking I know). Ironically, I'm now going to create a sort of list about list-making... listception!


  • Initially you feel organised and clear on your tasks 
  • To do lists can make you feel motivated and ready to complete your tasks
  • Feels like a good way to start the day


  • Writing a lengthy to do list can cause you to feel totally out of your depth. After putting my pen down I often think "I'll never get all this done! Where on Earth do I start?!"
  • If my predictions are correct and I do not complete all my tasks, I feel unaccomplished and disappointed with myself, meaning I lose motivation! 
  • Writing a list often acts as a time waster when I'm not quite in the frame of mind to begin my tasks yet, or I'm just procrastinating. It's easy to write a neat, pretty list and feel like I'm being productive when I probably should be jumping into my work and making a start - any tiny step is progress :)
  • When you put down the various jobs you have to complete, you're not focusing on one thing at a time. I have a ton of coursework to do at the moment for all four of my A2 classes. It's very easy to get completely overwhelmed, which I did. I became totally unproductive. I find that focusing on just one subject a day and blocking out all other tasks helps me to produce quality work in a shorter amount of time. Worrying about my intimidating workload slows me down and stresses me out. Thinking about one thing at a time is the way forward! :) 

What's your opinion on list-making?


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Storage Solutions (for small rooms)

I love my small room, it's cute and cosy. It's also taught me several storage solutions that will continue to serve me well when I (hopefully) move into a room in university halls this Autumn. I read Erin's (from Reading My Tea Leaves) recent post about living in a tiny apartment and was inspired to share my tips! 


Now technically, this could be classed as clutter, but I love the look of books and notebooks - they're so bright and literally embody your own personal interests. Just try to keep the stack under control to avoid book jenga! Please excuse the handful of teen books that I cannot seem to bring myself to throw away just yet...

Don't hoard clothes!

This one is fairly obvious, but I find sorting trough my wardrobe every couple of months quite enjoyable! It feels good to donate unwanted clothes to charity shops and finally be able to close my drawers again - they do get rather full. 

"Steal" Space

My brother doesn't live at home most of the time and doesn't mind me sneaking a few dresses into his wardrobe. My theory is that if you have the small room, you should be granted the privileged to "borrow" any wasted space around the house ;)

Wall Hooks

Hooks are handy for housing larger clothes and bags and fill a bare space with some colour too.

Blanket Box

I'm planning on purchasing a big, sturdy blanket box that will be home to coats and school work and whatever else finds its way inside! I'm envisioning that it will be strong enough to sit on meaning I can make it look cosier by chucking a blanket and cushion on top - that way it can replace my wicker chair. 

Hat Stand

A hat stand is similar to wall hooks but provides you with 360 degree hanging opportunities! That is probably mathematically incorrect... I basically mean that it's not nailed on the wall and so you won't have to do any tedious DIY! Or actually, I suppose you might have to put the hat stand together... 

Decorative Storage

I like to use suitcases and gift boxes because they are practical but add interest to your room and can conveniently fill awkward spaces. This suitcase lives under my chair and keeps my hair straighteners out the way! 

How do you get around the storage dilemma?


Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Top - BDG, Leggings - Zara, Cardigan & Boots - Asos

Hi! How are you all doing? I have mocks this week so I'm in that weird limbo between school and no school... study leave confuses me on all sorts of levels - getting up at different times everyday depending on exams, wondering exactly how much revision you are supposed to do for mocks, and questioning if you should feel guilty for spending most of the week re-watching Sherlock... Anyway, I love this simple henley from BDG, it's so comfortable and easy to chuck on over pretty much anything. It was a massive bargain too (in the Urban Outfitters sale) at £5, I couldn't resist ;) After spending quite a hefty amount of money during the Christmas period, I have been resisting giving into retail therapy for the past couple of weeks, until I saw another pair of shoes I'm want... good thing I'm working this weekend! This was just an outfit for lounging around at home, hence the lack of a coat! It's so chilly at the moment, I seem to live in my dressing gown and slippers. 

Hope you're all doing well,


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Saturday, 11 January 2014


(First 5 images from Tumblr)

I often look at minimalist interior design and think how lovely and crisp and bright it looks, but I always choose cosy over clutter-free. My uncle and his fiancĂ© came for dinner on Thursday and the kitchen just looked so homely and cute. I'm glad my mom and I added the little fairy lights above the window, I'm a fairy light addict :) Although the copious amounts of Tumblr photos showing snug bedrooms and hideaways look effortless, I actually think that achieving the perfect cosy-casual look can be quite tricky... How many cushions? How much should I ruffle and crease my blankets? And how many blankets? Should they all clash? I'm probably over thinking it. My bed is looking fairly cushy, however I think it could do with a more un-made look... I might go and mess it all up after I've finished this post! Either way, I'm a big fan of clashing patterns, fairy lights, more cushions than necessary and manageable amounts of clutter ;) Nick-nacks, little ornaments and decorations can give a room tons more personality. Having said that, a minimalist room definitely has a strong personality too... but I'll always go back to fairy lights! 


Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Shorts - Forever 21, Shirt - Gap, Jumper - New Look, Tights - TK Maxx, Belt - H&M, Coat - Cornwall, Boots - Next

Happy Wednesday! Today I been watching loads of Casey Neistat's short films as well as getting some work done. Casey is sooooo cool and I LOVE the style of his films, definitely check them out - beware of their addictive nature however (I could watch and re-watch them all day). I feel all inspired and motivated after watching him living his dream in NYC and then travelling around the world on spontaneous adventures :) 

On to the outfit... I bought these fleece-lined tights in TK Maxx the other day and have been enjoying the warmth they give my legs on these chilly January days, they're much warmer than normal tights. Speaking of chilly days, my school is freezing at the moment and it's horrible. I have mock exams next week and can't say the thought of sitting in the icy, un-heated, smelly gym is boosting their appeal! I am tempted to wear my dressing gown. 

Hope you're having a fun week,


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Instagram Snaps #6

Loz and me living it up at a party | Pretty sunset | The Jewellery Quarter | Loving my Cath Kidston mug | Christmas Corner of my room | Snap of Brum from the canals 

Hello! Sorry that some of these photos are kind of old... I'm ashamed to say that the last time I did an Instagram post was in October (hence the unopened advent calendar etc). I love the photo I took of the Birmingham during a canal walk - the canals baffle me because they're so hidden! They take up quite a lot of land and yet many people don't even realise they exist. It's a shame really, they used to be such a central, significant part of the Birmingham (and the whole country), trade and transport. 

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the new year. My good friend Lisha turned 18 yesterday and so on NYE we went to a huge event with food and music and tons of dancing... we had a blast :D 

Happy New Year!