Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Loving Lately List #6

1) Man on Wire 
Philippe Petit is one of my heroes. His story touches and inspires me hugely, even though I've never stepped on a high wire! I feel motivated and ready to focus on my dreams after watching this film - it's like a life coach!

2) Jordans Frusli bars 
I take these to sixth form with me for a convenient snack and they're so good. I used to go for the super sweet flavour cereal bars, but I now much prefer the plainer varieties. These are raisin and hazelnut - not too sweet... they taste healthier! ;)

3) Chelsea Boots
These had been hiding under my bed for months and I'd almost forgotten about them. Chelsea boots are such a classic, neutral style and I'm glad I've rediscovered them :) Kudos to my mom for giving them a good polish. 

4)  Denim Jacket
My bargain Asos denim jacket has proven to be a firm favourite in my Autumn wardrobe. I love to layer with it and using it to make an outfit more casual. Having said that, it's a structured denim jacket so it's not too sloppy looking and works with slightly smarter looks too. 

5) iPhone Case 
I was tempted to buy a very expensive Jack Wills phone case, but opted for this £2.99 one from Amazon instead... which was a great decision (if I do say so myself). The bright design looks lovely and bold against my white phone, as well as being patriotic ;) I prefer cases that hug the front of the phone slightly so that the screen doesn't touch surfaces, which this case does - it's perfect! 

6) A Patchwork Planet
I talked about this brilliant book in my favourite novels post, and since then, I think my love for it has grown! I admire Anne Tyler's writing style immensely, it's reflects reality and is so natural. Barnaby Gaitlin (the protagonist), is a character I relate to and understand... but I think that most people could :) I highly recommend this book! 

What have you been loving lately?


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  1. I love those boots! You have great taste.

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