Sunday, 3 November 2013

Admiring Alexa's Hair

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Ahhh, Alexa Chung - stylish, successful, intelligent, witty, beautiful, I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't love her! Along with all these great qualities, there's something else Alexa has, and that is brilliant hair. Currently, my hair is the longest it's ever been. As a child, I was a right little tomboy and opted for a pixie cut. I'm glad that I've grown my hair and enjoy having more styling options. But earlier this week, I had a bit of a hair crisis. Images of Alexa's textured, classy long bob bombarded my mind and wouldn't go away. I've been rather lazy with my hair lately, and tend to just throw it up into a messy bun or high pony tail, which made me think, would I be happier with Alexa's haircut?! It's just so lovely. Not too short, not too long, effotless looking, and classy but versatile. I convinced myself that my thick hair would lend itself to the style perfectly, that it would suit my taste in clothes, be practical and still put-up-able. You're probably wondering why I wasn't sprinting to the hairdressers in a haze of hair envy! The fact is, I'm just not one hundred percent sure about it. I'm a bit of a chicken after spending so long growing my hair out - what if I regret it?! That said, I still adore Alexa's hair and am eager to see how it would look on me. Mr friend, Lisha, told me that the key to knowing if you're ready for a new hairdo, is the feeling you get as you plonk yourself down in that swivelling hairdresser's chair. You'll just know if you're ready or not Lisha says. I'll have to wait and see what my gut tells me when I go for my trim in December... I'm not sure if I have the guts to go the whole hog and mimic Alexa's style, but I love it nonetheless! 

What's your opinion on Alexa's locks?


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  1. I think Alexa's hair is lovely,it made me think about getting a bob a few weeks ago:)x

  2. i love alexa's hair. my hair was down to my waist and i cut it to a little shorter than hers at the beginning of summer. honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made! i'm trying to grow it a little bit longer at the moment, long enough to get it into a ponytail, but my aim is alexa's length & colour! you should definitely make sure that you're sure before you commit though, the way i knew was because i was getting so bored and depressed that i couldn't do anything with my long hair, and i wasn't scared when i went to the hairdressers haha.. whatever you choose, i hope you like it! :-)


  3. I got my hair cut because I was in love with Alexa's hair and it didn't really suit me, but I wish it did, I'm so jealous of her hair!! I think you should try it because you never no, you might really like it!

    Millie x

  4. She is soo pretty. gahh. And her hair is great, she completely suits that trim. If she has it any shorter...yikes. The colour is pretty too!


  5. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  6. Amazing Hair Style <3
    follow new ,mind follow back?

    kisses :)