Sunday, 22 September 2013


Trousers - River Island, Top & Shirt - H&M, Scarf - Oasis, Jacket - Republic, Boots - Asos

Happy Sunday! I'm currently chilling in bed with a cup of tea and a huge to-do list... bit of a contradiction there. I hadn't worn this adorable kitty scarf for ages and so I pulled it out of my bottom drawer on Wednesday and threw it on... and now I love it. It's such a lovely length and adds so much warmth. I'm a big advocate of layering too so it pretty much ticks all the boxes. Apparently, my school's heating is being activated on the first of October, so only a few more days of reading Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in a fridge and fumbling to turn the pages with numb hands. I'm sure some classrooms are colder than outside! I've been going to university open days lately and it's suddenly hit me that this next next year, I will have moved out and will be with a totally new set of people - crazy. I'm already feeling nervous about it, but I'm excited to have a fresh start too. Having said that, I want this last year of high school to go by slowly so that I can savour it... I genuinely think I will miss school a ton, even though I have complained about it so much in the past! Anyway, I'd better round this post up now and force myself out of bed! 

Have a great day guys! :)



  1. Great outfit! Those boots are lovely! :)

  2. The boots are so pretty ^.^
    Amazing post!!!

    Maria Pol xx

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  4. Oh, love your scarf! Perfect look!:)

     Greetta Grace 

    1. Thanks! I'm glad I rediscovered the scarf! x

  5. You look great!! The scarf finishes it off so well


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  7. Love this outfit, it's so perfect for fall! The scarf adds just the right amount of brightness! Super adore.
    I'm wearing polka dots in my latest look too!

    xo freshfizzle

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