Sunday, 1 September 2013

David Byrne & St. Vincent

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David Byrne is my all time favourite musician, and my hero in general. On Wednesday, I went to see his Birmingham stint of his tour with the brilliant St. Vincent (Annie Clark), with my brother and good friend Lauren. I can honestly say that it was the best, most exhilarating performance I have ever seen. Here are my most memorable moments:

  • Giggling uncontrollably before the conncert began because I was so excited.
  • Turning to Loz and squealing "that's him!" when David came on stage,
  • When the band launched into Who whilst David was mid sentence, and surprising Loz and me (in a good way!).
  • Loz and me looking at each other in awe when realising just how good David sounds live.
  • David cheerily saying "hey hey!" to the audience :)
  • Screaming when This Must Be the Place started and the man next me saying that I'm "too young to remember this song!".
  • David's awesome dance moves during This Must Be the Place - so unique and quintessentially Byrne. 
  • David and Annie calling us Brummies :)
  • The combo of David's abrupt but groovy guitar, and Annie's cutting and bold guitar in The Forest Awakes.
  • The Karaoke style arrangement of Wild Wild Life - I loved seeing snippets of the band members' personalities.  
  • The awesome choreography in general and whole ensemble feel.
  • Hearing David having a few gulps of water in loud detail because of his microphone, him realising, laughing and saying. "Ahh, the sound of refreshment!" :) 
  • Not being able to find David before Lazy because he was lying on the stage.
  • David joking about having a personal masseuse in their crew.
  • Feeling empowered and able to scream and clap and cheer as much and as loud as I could, because I love David so much and wanted him to feel appreciated! 
  • David exclaiming "these are drums!" when introducing the drum player.
  • Two men on a balcony waving their arms gleefully to The One Who Broke Your Heart. 
  • Throwing some serious shapes during Burning Down the House - it was like an out of body experience... I was so happy and excited to hear one of my favourite old Talking Heads songs, played live by my hero. I also sang as loud as I could along to Burning Down the House and Road To Nowhere - by the encores, everybody had stood up and loosened up, although I was bobbing my head and mouthing the words from the very beginning!
  • Cheering and clapping for what felt like donkey's years to get David, Annie and the band to play more after the first encore.
  • Feeling so incredibly content and at home during the concert, that I couldn't stop smiling the whole way through!
  • Being inspired by experiencing such an astonishing performance :) I want to make something as cool as that.
As you can probably tell, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had a serious bout of post-concert depression for a couple of days after, and I'd definitely see the show more if I had the money and transportation! Here's an excellent quality video of a few songs from the tour - check it out, they're so groovy. 

Finally I have seen David Byrne play live!


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  2. I saw David Byrne and St. Vincent this weekend while I was at End of the Road festival. They were really great! I loved the brass group :)

    1. Wow it's so cool that you saw them too! Yeah the brass group were incredible :D I just adore David Byrne haha <3 x