Monday, 9 September 2013

A few tips for school...

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted since Thursday, I have been feeling a bit down, but I'm hoping that getting back into the swing on blogging will cheer me up! Seeing as many of us have ventured back into the world of education in the past few weeks, I've created a list of pointers that I think will help me to be more organised and keep school stress to a minimum. Now, I'm definitely not a perfect student... I procrastinate and complain and can't be bothered etc etc etc, but ultimately, I care about my grades and always get the work done (somehow). This school year, I'm going to utilise my own tips and hopefully I'll have a more leisurely time! 

  • Make Lists - When feeling totally overwhelmed by work and bits and bobs that are hanging over you, I find that writing a simple list can put everything into perspective and clear your head. At school, I like to write a list of tasks to do that evening - it feels lovely to tick them all off and then be free to do whatever you like :)
  • Set time limits - When revising or doing homework, I choose what time I'd like to be finished by and set an alarm on my phone. This forces me to get a move on and get work done! Also, working for long periods of time can be of no benefit as you loose focus, whereas setting a time limit makes sure that you take breaks and don't overload yourself. 
  • Set yourself realistic goals - If I say to myself that I have to do homework for three hours in one evening, I'll never stick to it. I would much rather do one hour of focused work and get an essay done to a high standard, rather than waste three hours of dull, inattentive scribbling. 
  • Prioritise - It's so easy to do the fun stuff first and leave the revision you're dreading till last, I'm guilty of doing this countless times. However, it's best to get the tough work done first, when your mind is fresh. I need to work complete homework as soon as I get it, rather than pushing it to the back of my list of priorities and rushing it the night before... why give yourself the stress?!
  • Ask for help - I often put off asking teachers questions. I remind myself when I get to school, and then go through a cycle of "I'll ask them next lesson, I'll ask them in my free, I'll ask them tomorrow..." I don't know why I do it, it's not like I'm scared of my teachers! On Friday, I remembered that I needed some personal statement help sheets, and rather than asking for them on Monday (which I was so close to doing), I pulled myself together and got them there and then - no problem, no fuss, no stress. I seriously do not know why I put little things off! It's so much better to get things done as soon as you can :)
My tips are by no means original, but I hope they're of some use. I definitely need to take my own advice and get more organised! 

What are your tips?


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  1. Great tips, I hope you cheer up soon :)

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  3. great tips I especially love the second one :)

  4. These are great tips and I think they're even better when coming from students as teachers expect a lot from students so advice coming from them won't be as useful xx