Friday, 23 August 2013

My Summer Evening Routine!

Ahhh the summer routines, far removed from the rush and stress of their school routine cousins. Summer is heavily infused with the essence of freedom, meaning you could abandon all structure and just go with the flow, but I tend to stick to lose guidelines in an attempt to maintain an almost reasonable sleeping pattern. 

1) Watch TV or a film with Ed... sibling bonding time over the ridiculous adventures of Bear Grylls, petty arguments of the Kardashians, or brilliant acting (being sincere here), of Leonardo DiCaprio. 

2) Put the cats to bed in the kitchen so that they get their beauty sleep, and don't wake us up at 5am by tickling our toes. Gemma actually used to do that!

3) All the usual night time jobs: brushing teeth, washing face, cleaning retainer etc.

4) Donning my pyjamas, which usually consists of an old t-shirt and jersey shorts, or my adorable pj playsuit. I also put my hair up so that it doesn't feel like it's strangling me when I try to sleep! 

5) As soon as I jump into bed, I watch my all time favourite vloggers, the SacconeJolys. I find watching them relaxing, and their larking about and beautiful daughter, Emilia, always cheers me up. They vlog everyday, so I can always count on this part of my routine! 

6) Catch up on my other YouTube subscriptions and blogs - which I could do for hours, so I have to limit myseld to avoid pulling an all nighter.

7) Read Captain Corelli's Mandolin, which I have to read for English Literature class. I found it quite difficult and confusing at first, but I stuck with it and at almost half way trough, I'm enjoying it!

8) Set alarms for the next day (multiple alarms, because one is never enough to rouse me from my slumber), turn the lights off, and snooze away! By this time it's usually about half one, which is pretty good for me (I'm a natural night owl). 

So there is my leisurely summer evening routine. Maybe I'll do a school version when I go back so that we can compare... it certainly will not be as leisurely! 

What's your favourite part of your evening routine?


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  1. Aww your cat's adorable!! I have a cat called Pepsi, I love him to pieces!!
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    Great blog + post :)


    1. Aww that's such a cute name! My cats are called Gemma and Tabitha :) You're welcome and thank you! x

  2. Lots of good DVD's in that bundle! and cute cat!


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  3. Wow! I love your blog :)

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  4. Aw the cat (:
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    1. Thanks so much! I'll check out your blog :D x