Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Beach Bag Essentials!

Living in Birmingham means I don't get to visit the beach too often... however, I'm going to Falmouth next week (wooo!) and I've been longingly daydreaming about lazing on sandy coves, skipping along sunny cliff paths, and strolling through bunting clad streets... Anyway, seeing as I'm in the seaside mood, here's my beach bag essentials :) 

1) Water - I'm guilty of forgetting to hydrate myself, but it really is important! Water is always a must. 

2) Sweatshirt - The beach can feel pretty chilly after taking a brave dip in the sea. Having a cosy cover up on hand saves you from the shivers.

3) Towel - This one is self explanatory! Kind of wish I had one of those colourful beach towels though ;)

4) Sunglasses - I've become a bit of a sunnies addict this year... I can't seem to leave the house without them! Essential for squint free reading on the beach :)

5) Snack - Just something little because I usually treat myself to an ice cream or cone of chips on the beach - the food adds to the experience!

6) Vaseline - The sun can dry out lips (which I always forget!) so bringing some vaseline can save you from a chapped pout.

7) Deodorant - For after swimming :)

8) A good book - I always get loads of reading done on holiday... the beach seems to be the perfect setting for becoming engrossed by a book. I probably should read the books I need for school, but who doesn't love Harry Potter?! 

9) Notebook and pen - Beaches also seem to be fab places to have a good think. You never know, an amazing idea may come to you whilst catching some rays, so you better have something to write it on!

10) Ibuprofen - Just incase you get a headache.

11) Hand Sanitizer - Not all beaches have hand washing facilities! 

12) Money - For the ice cream or cone of chips... and perhaps a frisbee ;)

13) Face wipes - I cant stand it when my face feels greasy. Wipes are helpful for when you want to refresh your face and reapply sunscreen.

14) Hair tie (sorry it's so hard to see) - Long locks can seriously get in the way in a windy, sandy, wet area! 

15) Cover up - I like to throw on a little dress when grabbing a bite to eat or whatever else. I got this cute cat dress from H&M ages ago, but I've only worn it a couple of times. Hopefully I'll get some more use out of it in Falmouth.

16) Sunscreen - The biggest essential of all! Got to protect your skin :)

17) Ear phones - Listening to your fave music can make the beach even better... it's like being in a different world. 

There are the contents of my beach bag! I'm in such a summery mood now :D

What are you essentials?


  1. Love your beach bag! I don't really have lovely beaches where I live and I haven't seen much of the summer this year so I don't have a beach bag :(

    BUT I love your's and it looks so pretty! and I think I would bring many of the same essentials to the beach :)

    -b, xx

    1. Thank you! I hope you get to see some summer soon :) x

  2. I normally take pretty much the same things as you when I go to the beach! But I do also pop in some fruity body butter, as it's fab for sunburn (if i'm unlucky) or just for helping to make sure my skin doesn't get too dry after all the sand/sea water! Chloe xxx

    1. Oooo body butter is a good idea! I hate sunburn! x

  3. Your beach bag is really good! :) Im your new follower!I will be glad if you follow me back!:)
    best wishes

    1. Thanks so much! I'll check you blog out now :) x

  4. Looks like you got all the essentials covered! :-)