Saturday, 24 August 2013

Lunch in Lichfield

Yesterday, my grandparents treated my brother and me to lunch in Lichfield. Lichfield is a sweet little city with tons of adorable cafés, a breathtaking Cathedral with three spires, and fab markets. I should really call this post Lichfield Take Two because I wrote another post about it over a year ago, when I first began blogging! 

We had lunch at The Olive Tree, which is a brilliant place that serves tasty, simple, affordable food. I had soup (I think it was broccoli and something...), chicken, basil, and tomato penne pasta, and warm chocolate fudge cake. The portions aren't enormous, so I didn't feel too guilty or stuffed after devouring three yummy courses! My grandparents both had swordfish... I saw a video of a swordfish literally attacking a fishing boat the other day - they are scary! Apparently they're delicious too. 

After lunch, we explored the bunting clad streets and popped into a few shops. My nan very kindly bought me some goodies from The Body Shop as a reward for my AS results (I got AABC). I chose raspberry body butter (which literally smells like a thousand crushed raspberries mixed with vanilla ice cream... so sweet and fruity), and a huge bottle of tangy satsuma shower gel - good for waking you up in the morning! The market was also in full swing, and so we got some fresh fruit, and Ed and I had a look through the records. They had some good ones: The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, but they were quite expensive and I thought I could do better on eBay. 

There's so many shops selling beautiful unique homeware and cute decorations in Lichfield. I'm trying to save my money, but I could definitely do some serious shopping there! As a huge bunting fan, I love the cheerful flags that always seem to be lining the streets when I visit (I make it sounds as if it's put up for me!), you feel as if I could be in a quaint seaside town. Having said that, a city doesn't have to be by the beach to be lovely, the UK is full of little gems like Lichfield :)

After the spot of shopping, we had a look around the cathedral - it's incredible. It's massive inside, with several "secret" rooms and crevices, along with the enormous, amazingly detailed main areas (sorry for the lack of correct terminology). The outside is just as impressive. The decoration of row upon row of statues is staggering! 

I think I shall go back to Lichfield next week when my cousin comes to stay with me, and have a coffee at one of the cute cafés. It's a pretty city with a wonderful vibe, and it's easily accessible - what's not to like?! It was so kind of my grandparents to treat Ed and me, they're very generous :) 

What cities do you enjoy visiting?


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  1. Gorgeous photos, I love little places like this!

    Hmm maybe...

  2. Lovely photos sounds like a lovely little trip, and massive congrats on your AS results! ox

    1. It was so nice :D Thank you very much! x

  3. This looks so lovely :) Beautiful photos!