Saturday, 17 August 2013

Falmouth Day Two

We decided to take a short ferry ride from Falmouth to St Mawes on Monday. St Mawes is a cute, quintessentially Cornish, seaside village with plenty of steep alleyways lined with pretty holiday cottages, a handful of artsy shops, and several lovely restaurants. After browsing the stores and strolling along the seafront, we went to The Idle Rocks for lunch. It is definitely one of the fanciest places I have ever eaten at. The terrace boasts amazing views of the village and the coast due to it's perfect, slightly raised position. I had a club sandwich which had all sorts of goodies crammed in - it even included an omelet! We shared a portion of deliciously chunky chips accompanied with an unusual spicy tomato sauce - so good. 

Before we left The Idle Rocks, we took a look at the vintage knitted swimsuits they had on display. The lady's piece was actually very pretty, but I can't see wool being a great material for swimming... imagine how heavy it would get!

After lunch we bought some fudge to end the meal with something sweet, and then hopped on the little ferry back to Falmouth. It was quite windy on the way back and so we encountered a few splashes... luckily, I found it amusing :) The journey also provided me with a great oppurtinity to take photos of Falmouth from a fab angle.We spent the rest of the day mooching about on the beach and eating pasta with tomato sauce (one of my faves). 



  1. Gorgeous pics. What a beautiful place. Anytime you can be on the water it's a good day!
    New follower :)
    Kallie, But First, Coffee

  2. Oooh boat pictures always make me so happy, being a sailor and all! (; Love these.

    Greta xoxo

  3. Beautiful!
    i follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin :-)