Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cambridge Haul

My family and I went on a spontaneous trip to Cambridge today (a post about it will arrive soon!), and my saving went out of the window. Here's my loot...

1&2) H&M basic tops
I adore H&M's plain t-shirts. They are great to chuck on with jeans for school, and they are often oversized, meaning they're also perfect with leggings. I tried to photograph the dark burgundy top... but in every picture it just looked liked a shapeless splodge! I'm positive that I'll be wearing it in an ootd very soon however, and it's true (flattering) shape will be revealed!

3&7) Body butter and shower gel
I didn't actually buy these today, they are the goodies that my Nan treated me to in Lichfield. Thought I might as well include them :) Raspberry body butter and satsuma shower gel - so fruity!

4&5) School books
I'm thinking of choosing Brunel as the topic of my history personal study... he's had such an influence on the UK. I need to find out more about him and collect tons of quotes, so books are essential. A View from the Bridge is a play that I've chosen to study along with A Streetcar Named Desire, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (in English Literature). My coursework is focusing on relationships, and I think these three plays fit the bill perfectly :) 

6) Hello Kitty Liberty folder
Isn't this just cutest folder you've ever seen?! I love Liberty designs and fell for this fun pattern instantly. It's an expanding file, so very practical too! I'm going to use it for English Literature class :D I'm so pleased with it that I've already started to arrange my notes for it, even though I'm still on my summer holiday... I'm such a stationery nerd. 

I've concluded that Cambridge is a brilliant place to shop, and that it's a threat to my wallet!


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  3. So much to comment on! You're making me all nostalgic for the days of studying English Literature. I loved Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Your coursework sounds really fascinating. And I am a big fan of Brunel, having lived in Bristol. Glad you enjoyed your day in Cambridge. Looking forward to following along with your blog :)

    1. I love English Literature - such a great class :D Ahhh Tennessee Williams is brilliant! I need to learn more about Brunel haha :') Thank you so much! x

  4. Ps. I love your name. So simple and pretty (and sorry I messed up my comments above...was signed into the wrong email. Silly me!)

  5. I love H&M for basic stuff too, even though it's cheap it's still perfect quality :)

  6. I love Cambridge, they have some great shops, especially a millies cookies!

    Imogen ♡

    1. The shops are fab! oooo I love Millie's cookies! There used to be one where I live but it closed :( x