Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cousin Q&A

My cousin Kate, who is the lovely lass in my latest ootd, is fifteen and lives in Oxford. Kate is a pretty cool girl, so I quizzed her for this post!

1) Favourite wardrobe pieces?
Highwaisted jeans, a leather jacket, basic t-shirts and jumpers, converse and a statement necklace.

2) Favoutrite shop?
Topshop, H&M and Brandy Melville - although I've only been there once!

3) Most-watched YouTubers?
Maybe Beauty Crush, but I watch loads of others that I can't remember the names of!

4) Favourite subject at school?
English, French or Biology. Biology is fun because I like the people I sit with!

5) Favourite band?
Arctic Mokeys - I'm going to see them this Halloween! I thought about dressing up, but everyone probably will...

6) Bands you'd like to see?
I'd love to travel back in time and see The Beatles... but I'm so excited to see the Arctic Monkeys!

7) Most-watched TV shows?
Made in Chelsea, I'm a celeb, Sherlock and The Big Bang Theory :)

8) Favourite holiday location?

9) Dream holiday location?
Australia... partly because of I'm a celeb!

10) Dream job?
Magazine editor or journalist of some sort.

11) Favourite memory together?
All the memories with our grandparents, and when we saved a duckling from other vicious ducks!

12) Favourite things to do together?
Shopping, eating, listening to music, watching films, chatting, all the usual stuff...

13) Old photo?

14) Are you close?
we are close but we don't see each other that often, although we do keep in touch! We get on well :)

15) What can you do that your cousin can't?
Kate: I can kayak and do ballet.
Jane: I can play the guitar (or used to be able to...) ;)

I think that Kate would be a brilliant blogger... we were thinking of possible blog names for her, so we'll have to wait and see! :)

Hope you're all having a fab Saturday!


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Kate's OOTD #2

Dress - Brandy Melville, Hoody - H&M, Shoes - Converse, Sunglasses (mine) - Tesco

Kate is up from Oxford this week and while she's here, I took advantage of her brilliant style :) Kate was in Paris a couple of weeks ago and bought this gorgeous, simple, stripy cut-out dress. It's so cute and looks casual and comfy, but you could easily wear it to a party too. Kate and I were talking about how we're both attracted to stripes - such a classic, timeless design. The hoody is cropped and so it looks great with the dress - it was a pretty good bargain too at £9.99 - you can't beat H&M for basics. We went shopping yesterday and I found a pair of high waisted olive trousers in the Topshop sale for £5! They were on the sale rack, but had no reduced price sticker on them, so I took them to the till thinking they weren't really in the sale, and they turned out to be just a fiver - such a fab find :D I wore them yesterday to the David Byrne and St. Vincent concert at the Symphony Hall, it was the best thing I have ever seen in my whole life, I adored it and couldn't stop dancing and grinning the whole way through. David Byrne is my hero. 

Kate loves simple, casual pieces and dressing them up with jewellery. It's a wonderful outfit technique because it creates a very versatile, uncomplicated wardrobe :) I featured Kate in another ootd in June where she wore a favourite look of mine - jeans and a biker jacket. 

Do you prefer simple, or more statement clothes?


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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sunday in Cambridge

Although it's only about a couple of hours drive away, I'd not visited Cambridge until Sunday. I couldn't believe I'd never been before - it's beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Oxford (unsurprisingly!), but it definitely has it's own personality. My dad dropped my mom and me in the outskirts of the city centre and we found our way to the hustle and bustle of the core. It was very busy considering it was a Sunday, but the hoards of tourists emphasised the upbeat, holiday vibe in my opinion :) There's an infinite amount of gorgeous old buildings in Cambridge, it's a very attractive town. A great deal of people cycle in Cambridge, as they do in Oxford, and I admired several brightly coloured bikes with old fashioned wicker baskets. I'd love one, but Birmingham unfortunately isn't particularly bike friendly! 

When it comes to shopping there's all the usual highstreet stores, in addition to an endless John Lewis, plenty of adorable independent shops selling antiques and tiny glass bottles with stripy paper straws, and a wonderful market - you're spoilt for choice! My mom and I spent about half an hour ooing and arring at all the gorgeous things in John Lewis. The stationary section was so brilliant that I was literally overwhelmed and on the verge of tears... sad I know, but what can I say!? I like stationery! 

There was a band playing in a little space by a church (fab description there Jane!), and they sounded good! I don't exactly understand how an outdoor place can have superior acoustics, but it did seem to be an ideal place to perform. Plenty of other people must've agreed, they had a pretty decent crowd! 

The colleges of Cambridge University seem to be lurking around every corner. They're beautiful - such lovely places to live! We didn't go on a tour, but we had a few sneaky looks through the ancient doors. My great uncle went to Cambridge University in 1951 (ish). He was in Corpus Christi College, so we made sure to have a look at that one! He said that we he went all those years ago, there was a roaring fire in the college - sounds cosy! 

We had a little picnic by the river, on a patch of grass occupied by several cheery other picnicers. The river seemed very full to me (it's probably supposed to be!), the punters were fairly level with everyone sitting on the ground! Going for a punt looked very pleasant, but I don't fancy being the punter... I can just see myself pushing off from the bank and toppling straight into the water! The river is a pretty scene, the water bordered with greenery, and the punts carrying colourful visitors, navigating through other boats and squeezing under tiny bridges that look as if they should be in a watercolour painting. 

One of the last shops I explored was Waterstones, not special exactly because they're everywhere, but it was a very good one! I was on the look out for history books, and had to climb all the way to the top to find them. I couldn't believe how tall it was - five floors I think it was! In the end, the book I wanted (about Brunel) was in the biography section on a different floor anyway! Typical!

On our way back to our picking up spot, my mom and I wondered down one or two side streets that were absolutely gorgeous. The houses had huge looking basements, and were grand but homely. There were little discrete side alleyways with more lovely homes and railings home to glossy bicycles. What a fabulous place to live! 

I was thoroughly impressed by Cambridge and I'd love to go back soon! It was bigger than I envisioned, with a maze of beautiful architecture and streets packed with vibrant people - I adored it :)


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Monday, 26 August 2013

Loving Lately List #4

1) Dove Go Fresh shower gel
I chose this shower gel because it was on offer in Boots and I'm so glad I did - it's brilliant! It smells amazing (nectarine and white ginger) and is very moisturising - great for people like me who can't be bothered to use body butter everyday! 

2) H&M Sweatshirt
This was a bargain at £5.99. It's nothing special, just a simple comfy sweatshirt, but I've worn it loads. It looks effortless with skinny jeans and canvas pumps (actually that outfit is rather effortless to put together!), and it's handy for throwing over pyjamas when lounging around the house :)

3) Stationery
I've indulged in some new bits and bobs for the upcoming school year in the past few weeks. I'm a stationery aficionado :) Pretty, cute, but functional stationery will forever be close to my heart.

4) Twitter
I recently made a Twitter account for Jane's Jumbles and I can't believe it didn't do it earlier! I've been loving interacting with other bloggers and the lifestyle bloggers and teenage bloggers chats are wonderful for discovering new blogs and getting advice!

5) Nesquik
Nesquik hadn't occupied my kitchen cupboards for donkey's years, but it's well and truly back. It's probably just pure sugar, but it tastes so good if you have a sweet tooth! I'm not a huge milk lover, but mix it with Nesquik and I'd drink a four pint bottle in no time! 

6) Day-Trips
In the past five days, I've been on three days out: Worcester, Lichfield and Cambridge. I must sound like a broken record, but I really do enjoy making the most of and appreciating the UK - it's a fab place :) It's a super summer thing-to-do. 

What have you been loving lately?


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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cambridge Haul

My family and I went on a spontaneous trip to Cambridge today (a post about it will arrive soon!), and my saving went out of the window. Here's my loot...

1&2) H&M basic tops
I adore H&M's plain t-shirts. They are great to chuck on with jeans for school, and they are often oversized, meaning they're also perfect with leggings. I tried to photograph the dark burgundy top... but in every picture it just looked liked a shapeless splodge! I'm positive that I'll be wearing it in an ootd very soon however, and it's true (flattering) shape will be revealed!

3&7) Body butter and shower gel
I didn't actually buy these today, they are the goodies that my Nan treated me to in Lichfield. Thought I might as well include them :) Raspberry body butter and satsuma shower gel - so fruity!

4&5) School books
I'm thinking of choosing Brunel as the topic of my history personal study... he's had such an influence on the UK. I need to find out more about him and collect tons of quotes, so books are essential. A View from the Bridge is a play that I've chosen to study along with A Streetcar Named Desire, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (in English Literature). My coursework is focusing on relationships, and I think these three plays fit the bill perfectly :) 

6) Hello Kitty Liberty folder
Isn't this just cutest folder you've ever seen?! I love Liberty designs and fell for this fun pattern instantly. It's an expanding file, so very practical too! I'm going to use it for English Literature class :D I'm so pleased with it that I've already started to arrange my notes for it, even though I'm still on my summer holiday... I'm such a stationery nerd. 

I've concluded that Cambridge is a brilliant place to shop, and that it's a threat to my wallet!


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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Lunch in Lichfield

Yesterday, my grandparents treated my brother and me to lunch in Lichfield. Lichfield is a sweet little city with tons of adorable cafés, a breathtaking Cathedral with three spires, and fab markets. I should really call this post Lichfield Take Two because I wrote another post about it over a year ago, when I first began blogging! 

We had lunch at The Olive Tree, which is a brilliant place that serves tasty, simple, affordable food. I had soup (I think it was broccoli and something...), chicken, basil, and tomato penne pasta, and warm chocolate fudge cake. The portions aren't enormous, so I didn't feel too guilty or stuffed after devouring three yummy courses! My grandparents both had swordfish... I saw a video of a swordfish literally attacking a fishing boat the other day - they are scary! Apparently they're delicious too. 

After lunch, we explored the bunting clad streets and popped into a few shops. My nan very kindly bought me some goodies from The Body Shop as a reward for my AS results (I got AABC). I chose raspberry body butter (which literally smells like a thousand crushed raspberries mixed with vanilla ice cream... so sweet and fruity), and a huge bottle of tangy satsuma shower gel - good for waking you up in the morning! The market was also in full swing, and so we got some fresh fruit, and Ed and I had a look through the records. They had some good ones: The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, but they were quite expensive and I thought I could do better on eBay. 

There's so many shops selling beautiful unique homeware and cute decorations in Lichfield. I'm trying to save my money, but I could definitely do some serious shopping there! As a huge bunting fan, I love the cheerful flags that always seem to be lining the streets when I visit (I make it sounds as if it's put up for me!), you feel as if I could be in a quaint seaside town. Having said that, a city doesn't have to be by the beach to be lovely, the UK is full of little gems like Lichfield :)

After the spot of shopping, we had a look around the cathedral - it's incredible. It's massive inside, with several "secret" rooms and crevices, along with the enormous, amazingly detailed main areas (sorry for the lack of correct terminology). The outside is just as impressive. The decoration of row upon row of statues is staggering! 

I think I shall go back to Lichfield next week when my cousin comes to stay with me, and have a coffee at one of the cute cafés. It's a pretty city with a wonderful vibe, and it's easily accessible - what's not to like?! It was so kind of my grandparents to treat Ed and me, they're very generous :) 

What cities do you enjoy visiting?


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P.S. I just realised that I follow blogs anonymously on Bloglovin'... I must follow loads of you guys without you realising! Just wanted to let you know that I do appreciate and read your gorgeous blogs :) I'm think going to make a Bloglovin' profile page to amend this! 

Friday, 23 August 2013

My Summer Evening Routine!

Ahhh the summer routines, far removed from the rush and stress of their school routine cousins. Summer is heavily infused with the essence of freedom, meaning you could abandon all structure and just go with the flow, but I tend to stick to lose guidelines in an attempt to maintain an almost reasonable sleeping pattern. 

1) Watch TV or a film with Ed... sibling bonding time over the ridiculous adventures of Bear Grylls, petty arguments of the Kardashians, or brilliant acting (being sincere here), of Leonardo DiCaprio. 

2) Put the cats to bed in the kitchen so that they get their beauty sleep, and don't wake us up at 5am by tickling our toes. Gemma actually used to do that!

3) All the usual night time jobs: brushing teeth, washing face, cleaning retainer etc.

4) Donning my pyjamas, which usually consists of an old t-shirt and jersey shorts, or my adorable pj playsuit. I also put my hair up so that it doesn't feel like it's strangling me when I try to sleep! 

5) As soon as I jump into bed, I watch my all time favourite vloggers, the SacconeJolys. I find watching them relaxing, and their larking about and beautiful daughter, Emilia, always cheers me up. They vlog everyday, so I can always count on this part of my routine! 

6) Catch up on my other YouTube subscriptions and blogs - which I could do for hours, so I have to limit myseld to avoid pulling an all nighter.

7) Read Captain Corelli's Mandolin, which I have to read for English Literature class. I found it quite difficult and confusing at first, but I stuck with it and at almost half way trough, I'm enjoying it!

8) Set alarms for the next day (multiple alarms, because one is never enough to rouse me from my slumber), turn the lights off, and snooze away! By this time it's usually about half one, which is pretty good for me (I'm a natural night owl). 

So there is my leisurely summer evening routine. Maybe I'll do a school version when I go back so that we can compare... it certainly will not be as leisurely! 

What's your favourite part of your evening routine?


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Thursday, 22 August 2013


Just wanted to tell you guys that I made a twitter account - Follow me for blog updates and whatever pointless thoughts and observations I feel like sharing with the internet :) I've put a link to my account on the sidebar... it's just @JanesJumbles, hope to see you over in the wonderful land of Twitter! 


Change in the Weather?

Image from google

I can sense a change in the weather... the sun at dawn and dusk, the sparse birdsong, and a slight crispness in the air. Something about the pitch of the birds reminds me of the robins in The Secret Garden film, twittering amongst the frost glazed hedges. The air is still warm, but Autumn is definitely on it's way, and it's bringing the familiar back to school feeling with it! I was never a big fan of Autumn, but I have to admit that I'm looking forward to wearing layers and boots and going on walks in parks with crunchy orange leaf floors. I feel as if we skipped Spring this year... I remember wearing a coat and scarf in mid-March, so it does seem that the colder weather is coming around sooner than usual. Having said that, I think the summer has been great! The heat wave we had in July was fantastic, and it hasn't been pouring it down with rain like last year. I'm talking as if summer is over - which it isn't of course! Although I'm already putting Autumn outfits together in my head, I aim to savour the sunshine whilst it's still here! 

Which season is your favourite?


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Worcester Day-Trip

I suggested to my friends, Lauren and Tilly, that we could go on an excursion to Worcester, and so today we hopped on the train and did just that :) I don't know the city all that well, but it's easy to navigate around and I liked it a lot! There's plenty of quaint old buildings that create so much character, a river to stroll along, an incredible cathedral, and tons of good shops!

As soon as we stepped off the train, we decided that we almost starving, so we had a quick jacket potato before hitting the shops! I didn't buy anything, but I do love a good window shop!
Next, we had a look around the immense cathedral. The stained glass windows were beautiful and we were in awe of the ceiling - the designers and builders clearly were hugely talented... and it's even more amazing because it was built so long along! 

We attempted to have a peek at the university after having a quick trot along the riverside, but we had to make a mad dash back to the city centre to check the train times for the way home - it was a rather spontaneous day! ;) 

I love going on little day-trips and exploring cities - I wish I'd done more of it this holiday! 


Monday, 19 August 2013

Autumn Wishlist

I wouldn't normally be thinking about autumnal clothes this early, but I recently got a gorgeous new winter coat, and I can't help thinking about outfits for the colder months!

1) Asos Leather Boots
I live in ankle boots during the autumn and winter. They look great with anything - jeans, leggings, skirts etc. My favourite are boots with substansial grip, like these ones, because they're ideal for icey conditions :) This gorgeous pair is currently half price at £27.50, a bargain for leather boots in my opinion!

2) Tartan Scarf
My new coat is biker style and black, and I've been envisioning wearing it with a bright tartan scarf. I found this one on eBay, there's loads of colour combos available and I just find the tartan design so appealing! Great for brightening up a dark outfit :)

3) Striped Top
I've been very attracted to stripes this month, such a timeless style. 

4) Black Jeans 
You can't go wrong with black jeans. They're my staple bottoms for school because they go with everything. Topshop jeans are my favourite, they're so comfortable!

5) Cross-body Bag
When I pop out to run errands, or see friends or whatever else, I use my leather satchel, but it's fairly large for my keys, wallet and bus pass! A little bag would be more practical and be very handy.

6) Simple Gloves
It is so early to be looking at gloves! But I thought these ones were cute, and a good plain essential for the colder weather (that luckily is not here yet!) :)

What's on your wishlist?


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Falmouth Day Three

Falmouth is one of my all time favourite shopping destinations. There's an abundance of unique stationary shops, independent homeware treasure chests, and several fascinating antique hoards. So naturally, on our last full day, we went shopping! It could take us literally hours to get from one end of the highstreet to the other... there's so many lovely shops! I really should save up before visiting Falmouth, because I'm always tempted by cute notebooks and appliqué cushions etc etc etc. We stopped for a lunch break at a charming deli up a steep alley (good rhyme there), and I had tomato soup with garlic bread. It was delicious but it was such a large portion of soup - the bowl was practically a bucket!

We also indulged in dinner out (it's okay because we were on holiday!) at St Michael's Hotel & Spa. I had the good ol' seaside classic of fish and chips - yum. My mom ordered two scoops of ice cream, one vanilla and one strawberry for desert. When they came, it was literally two whole ice cream cones! I told her to hold one in each hand and lick them alternately. Back at the house, we played a couple of rounds of consequences, which is rather childish, but such a good laugh! :) 

And that was my last full day in Falmouth! I'm already looking forward to my next visit,


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Falmouth Day Two

We decided to take a short ferry ride from Falmouth to St Mawes on Monday. St Mawes is a cute, quintessentially Cornish, seaside village with plenty of steep alleyways lined with pretty holiday cottages, a handful of artsy shops, and several lovely restaurants. After browsing the stores and strolling along the seafront, we went to The Idle Rocks for lunch. It is definitely one of the fanciest places I have ever eaten at. The terrace boasts amazing views of the village and the coast due to it's perfect, slightly raised position. I had a club sandwich which had all sorts of goodies crammed in - it even included an omelet! We shared a portion of deliciously chunky chips accompanied with an unusual spicy tomato sauce - so good. 

Before we left The Idle Rocks, we took a look at the vintage knitted swimsuits they had on display. The lady's piece was actually very pretty, but I can't see wool being a great material for swimming... imagine how heavy it would get!

After lunch we bought some fudge to end the meal with something sweet, and then hopped on the little ferry back to Falmouth. It was quite windy on the way back and so we encountered a few splashes... luckily, I found it amusing :) The journey also provided me with a great oppurtinity to take photos of Falmouth from a fab angle.We spent the rest of the day mooching about on the beach and eating pasta with tomato sauce (one of my faves). 


Friday, 16 August 2013

Falmouth Day One

My mom, brother and I got back from a wonderful, four night trip to Falmouth on Wednesday. Falmouth is such a gorgeous town. It has a lovely, warm, positive vibe that really rubs off on you :) In-fact, my first ever post was about Falmouth! Quite a lot of my lovely family lives there and so a couple of times a year we travel down and visit them. I just love the place!

On the first day, we went for a little walk, relaxed, and played a bit of croquet (how posh!). I tried to read a chunk of Captain Corelli's Mandolin, seeing as I have to read it for school, but my cousin Zoe came over after I spent half an hour trying to digest the book... I blame my lack of reading progress on Zoe distracting me! I find Falmouth so peaceful and calm - sitting in the garden with a cold glass of coke, good company, and a gorgeous sea view, is my idea of a fabulous holiday!

Living in the Midlands means that you really appreciate the beach! It's such a treat to be able to trot down to the sand and paddle in the crisp shallows. I find that the beach is a great place for talking. You can plonk down on the sand with a pal and natter away for hours. 

That pretty much sums up day one in Falmouth!