Saturday, 20 July 2013

My Bag Collection

I have a fairly small collection of bags, but that's good because it means they all get a lot of use :)


My Scaramanga satchel has been such a brilliant purchase, I've had it for almost three years now and it's still going strong, despite a few nicks and scratches... which I think add character ;) At the time, it seemed quite a large investment at £50, but now I think it's pretty cheap for such a classic, durable, leather bag. It's perfect for school and travelling and everything else. I think I'll probably get it repaired a little before I head off to uni next year.

Smart-ish green bag

I got this little bag for my year 11 prom last year as it tied in with the green bow around the waist of my dress. I didn't think I'd get much use out of it, but it's actually come in handy for parties. It's good quality for New Look and I think it looks more expensive due to the cracked leather look.

Jack Wills bag

I can fit so much into this bag! I think I'll use it for the beach when I go to Cornwall for a few days in August. I love the paisley style print and it goes with plenty of my clothes, probably because it's sort of muted rather than being bold. Such a simple shape too - it's just lovely :)

American Apparel backpack

This backpack is my " go to" bag for when I go off on my train travels (which I've had loads of this year!). It's like a Tardis - you can stuff so much in it! I also use it for school when my satchel isn't big enough for all my folders and books etc. The colour is fab too and I think the quality is great - the straps don't look strained at all. 

Patterned backpack

I found this adorable backpack last year in Madrid and it was very good value! I had a right job trying to find it - I saw it on one of the first days on the trip, and on the last shopping trip on the last day, I was nuisance and decided I wanted to buy it. I dragged my friends around the city centre for ages, trying to remember the shop - I was successful in my quest eventually though! I'm glad I did get it because it's so cute and I adore using it in the summer. 

What's your favourite bag like?


  1. I love a great satchel. Who doesn't?
    Miss Bows

  2. I really really really like your satchel! I always think its great value for money if you keep it and use it for years. I wanna find myself one :)


    1. I agree! Definitely check out Scaramanga :D x

  3. I love satchels. I'm using a cheapy Primark one at the moment but someday I'm sure I'll invest in a decent one like yours. :)

    Rachel x

    1. They're just such a neutral, classic style :D x

  4. I love the satchel! I also really like the green back with the gold trim around the edge, it's gorgeous.

    Hannah x

  5. Like everyone else who has commented - i love that satchel! I also love the paisley pattern on your jack wills bag - really pretty! My favourite kind of bags are backpacks - i am a bit of a sucker for a cute backpack from places like accessorize! I just came across your blog today and will definitely give you a follow, i really like the style of your blog! :D

    1. Accessorize do make some really lovely backpacks :D Thank you so much! x