Friday, 26 July 2013

Loving Lately List #3


Harry Potter books
I read all of the "Hazza P" books a couple of summers ago, but I've decided to read them again because they're just so good! J.K. Rowling is seriously a genius. When you get to the last book and see how everything fits together... well, it blew my mind! ITV is showing the films in order on Saturdays... The Chamber of Secrets is on tomorrow!


Distressed Shorts
These Forever 21 shorts were only around £14 and they've come in handy with the gorgeous weather that we're having. I throw them on with a t-shirt and flats and I'm done :)


Earl Grey Tea
Usually I just drink plain old black tea, but I love a cup of Earl Grey now and then. A few weeks ago I went a bit overboard and drank it every time I had a cuppa, but I got kind of sick of it. Now I drink about a mug of it a day and it adds a lovely bit of variety to my tea addiction :)

Summer and the garden
I know I've gone on and on about the weather, but I'm so pleased that we're having lots of sun here in the UK! The garden looks it's best in the summer and it's fab to be able to make the most of it by having bbqs, picnics, sunbathing etc.


The Place Beyond the Pines
A few of my friends and I watched this incredible movie the other day after wanting to see it for ages. It was amazing - we all loved it. It's suspenseful, engaging, simple but action packed, and brilliantly surreal in a way too. Surreal but truthful at the same time. Such an excellent cast too - I highly recommend it! 



  1. Nice things!

    Thanks for commenting in my blog,I follow your blog and I would be happy if you followed me back :)

    1. Thanks so much! Following you now :) x

  2. On the Harry Potter series:
    I can feel your obsession on it! I, myself, have always been a Potterhead. Everytime I finish the series I start it all over again. And that means both books and movies, but mostly books!
    JK is indeed a genius! Gotta love our queen!

    Maria Pol xx

    1. The books have so much more detail than the movies! Already I do love the films too :) Glad to have found a fellow Potterhead haha! :D xx

  3. Those Forever 21 shorts are really cute! & omg eeee you made me happy because i got to see Ryan Goslings face, oh he is a beauty!