Sunday, 28 July 2013

Inexpensive Summer Entertainment

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I want to make this summer fun and busy, rather than wasting it lying in bed all day. I know that summer can end up being quite expensive due to spending money on takeaways, theme parks, swimming pools, restaurants and whatever else. But I've come up with a few inexpensive days out and activities to hopefully help pad out your summer plans :) Here in the UK, our holiday doesn't start till the end of July, so I hope this post isn't too late for some of you!

1) Throw a friendly version of Come Dine with Me
Who doesn't love this show?! It's just always on when nothing else is and it's undeniably entertaining. My friends and I are aiming to host our own version just for fun. We're each going to produce a simple dining experience for the rest of the group and score one another (in a friendly way!). You could all contribute a little gift to make a prize for the winner. I think the main point is to not take it too seriously :) It doesn't matter if you serve your pals tinned soup and toast! For entertainment you could do a bit of cheesy karaoke or treat your friends to a "live performance" if you play an instrument... you can't go far wrong with board games either. I feel that it'd be a highly amusing and creative way to spend a week. :)

2) BBQs and Picnics
This one is fairly obvious, but it's worth a mention. Eating alfresco is lovely - especially with friends and family. Location wise, a garden is great, or you could go full out and pick a fancy spot... I'm thinking sheltered cove, landscaped park or hazy countryside field...

3) Train trips to local towns
It surprises me how much of my home country (and county actually), that I don't know! Exploring local towns is something I find very enjoyable - it provides good photographing opportunities too :) I say local-ish because the train fare is cheaper and if you book in advance, tickets are even cheaper. The train journey really adds to the whole "adventure" experience.

4) Strawberry Picking
Strawberry, or any fruit (I'm fond of raspberries) picking is so cute and reminds me of my childhood. If you choose a sunny day for it, it's especially lovely and isn't expensive because at most farms, you only pay for the fruit you pick - so no entrance fee etc. 

5) Garden Party
I would never have a house party - the mess and uninvited people turning up puts me right off, but I've considered hosting a "sophisticated" garden party. That sounds so posh, but what I'm envisioning is hoisiting some fairy lights and bunting up in my garden, chucking a few pretty rugs and cushions on the grass, asking everyone to bring drinks and listening to some chilled out music. Preferably in the late afternoon/evening time. No out of control party craziness, just a simple, relaxed garden gathering :)

6) Films nights
Movie nights with chums are pretty cheap as everyone just brings their fave DVDs and a few bags of sweets or popcorn and you're set! Fab for when the weather is not cooperating. 

That's all I've come up with so far. It's not all original, but I hope I've given you some ideas :)

Let's all have an amazing summer!


  1. All of these sounds so good! I'm quite looking forward to having a bbq (hopefully!) and film nights too!
    The local train trips is something I've never thought of tho! I normally go to London for the day with my friends xx

    1. I've never been to London with my friends! I should go haha :D x

  2. Wow this is such a good idea to do! Your lost is awesome, you're so imaginative hehe I bet if I do it (which I probably will) it'll be very boring:( haha! I'm gonna do this!

    1. Thank you! I bet it won't be boring!! You should do it :D x

  3. Nice ideas! Film nights are my favourite♥

  4. Great ideas - especially the come dine with me idea :) x

  5. Fantastic plans! And good for me as I am trying to save like crazy for travelling next year!

    1. Thanks! I'm trying to save money too :) x

  6. I love the idea of the Come Dine With Me!