Friday, 14 June 2013

Laura's OOTD

Dress - H&M, Jacket - New Look, Bag - Charity Shop, Shoes - Converse

Another friend outfit of the day! This time it's an ensemble worn by my friend Laura :) She recently bought this lovely dress and we both agreed that it's so versatile. This outfit shows how it can look fab worn casually, but with a pair of wedges and a leather jacket, it would be perfect for a night out too. The saddle bag was a brilliant charity shop find - I really should check out charity shops more often! I've only been back at post-exam school for a week, and I already have bits and bobs to get started on. I'm feeling optimistic about my A2 courses however, because there's lots of freedom. I have a huge amount of reading to get done for English literature and history... I will have to get started soon or I'm going to be overloaded during the summer holiday!

Happy Friday!


  1. Her hair is soo long, I love it! also the clothes are amazing :)

    Sinead |

  2. haha you're doing the same a-levels as me! I'm buried under novels, plays etc as well!

    1. Amazon is our new best friend haha! ;) x

  3. Gorgeous!! So jealous of hair wow. <3

    Greta xoxo

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  5. Very cute, i like her style :)

    Thanks for my comment, now following you.