Friday, 21 June 2013


1) Birmingham Past and Present: In My Father's Footsteps 
I'm a total kind of a local history nerd and I love to read about what my home town, Birmingham, used to be like before the council demolished countless beautiful buildings. 

2) Jack Wills Phone Case
This case is pretty expensive, but it's so pretty! I haven't actually got bored of my current phone case, so probably won't be splurging on this soon... but I think it's adorable!

3) American Apparel Striped Top
Stripes are such a timeless style, and I love the boxy fit of this top. As it's from American Apparel, the quality of course would be fab, and I think it would go with so much (especially with just a simple pair of jeans or shorts) and practically any colour :) 

4) The Name of this Band is Talking Heads
Talking Heads are hands down, my all time favourite band. This album is super cool as it's live and has tons of amazing, previously unreleased songs that didn't make it onto albums. I would love to have it on vinyl... I'll have to keep my eye out for it! 

5) Denim Athletic Shorts 
These shorts have such a lovely relaxed fit, they look very comfy, and I think they'd look fab with just a t-shirt. Forever 21 have loads of shorts for great prices.

6) Topshop Hooded Jacket
Admittedly, I do already have a jacket that's in this sort of style... but I love this one! The little details such as the zips and lining add so much. 

7) Patterned Shorts
These are also from Forever 21 and I like the boldness of them. I definitely think you'd be able to dress them up or down easily, and they'd be comfier than denim shorts on hot days too :) 



  1. Hey hun!
    I just found your blog and I love it!
    you look amazing and your blog as well!
    amazing content and great lay-out!
    check my blog if you want and keep in touch:)

  2. I love both of those shorts!
    - Charlotte

  3. Great picks! I have a clear plastic phone case which I love because I can illustrate all over it, and then wash it off and start again whenever I feel like doing something new!

  4. I just bought similar patterned shorts in the sale and I love them! Perfect for holiday!

    xx Jo Betty

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