Saturday, 11 May 2013

Study Season

It's that time of year again... exams. Those dreaded, long anticipated tests which hang over us (and our teachers) for months. I had my As drama exam on Thursday evening and it went really well! It's different to other exams as it consists of a monologue or duologue and a group piece (all practical). Although it's kind of a fun exam (that gets you out of lessons all day to rehearse), it does involve nerves like no other, totally different to written exam nerves... in those exams you're not being scrutinised by a reasonably large audience! I find drama to be unlike any other subject - in a good way! :)

Soon though, along with so many students, I have daunting, painfully long written exams, and I think we all need a pep talk! It's easier said than done, but try not to overstress - it won't do you any favours. It's so typical to say, but just try your best. That way, you'll be more than satisfied when you open the results envelope in August. It's a terrible feeling to get your results, knowing that you could have pushed yourself further. 

I often find myself lacking motivation, and to get my revision head on, I picture the envelope and how I long for the letters inside to be from the beginning of the alphabet! I'm by no means an advocate of negative thinking, but sometimes, imagining how gutted I'll feel if I don't get the grades I want does get me rushing to my desk! But again, don't over stress. Don't panic. My first history exam in on Tuesday, but I haven't crammed this weekend with revision. Cramming doesn't work for me, just a few hours of quality revision over a couple of days will suffice, and I feel this actually works better for many people. :)

Another tip is to know what your going to do before you start a study session. I know from experience that without some kind of list or plan, I'll sit at a table, with countless books and sheets spread out, and just leaf through them with no focus. I find that I'm much more productive when I have specific tasks in mind and give them time limits with breaks in-between. Also, it's lovely to tick assignments off... it gives you a little boost. :) 

I hope this was helpful, good luck to all of you with up and coming (or already commenced) exams - I'm thinking of you!



  1. you seem a lot more organised and prepared than i was! good luck but i'm sure you will do amazingly X

  2. Ugh I hate exam time! I have 2 more final exams left and no motivation! Good luck with exams! xx

    1. It's just not a fun time! Good luck to you too! :) xx