Friday, 3 May 2013



Last Saturday, my friend Lauren and I went on a day-trip to the lovely city of Liverpool (cue Day Tripper by The Beatles). Liverpool has a great atmosphere, it's different to any other city I've been to, and there's plenty to see and do - especially for someone like me who loves old, interesting buildings!

We took the train and it turned out to be a fairly curious experience... Lauren and I spent most of the time people watching, which was very entertaining! 

My brother goes to university in Liverpool but before we met him, we did a spot of window shopping (of course!). We were both in a rather indecisive mood however and fell into a cycle of one of us saying, "I'm not sure whether to get this" and the other replying, "Well, we can always come back later!" :) 

After we met up with Ed, our first stop was the docks (Albert Dock). It's admirable that so many original buildings and features remain at the docks - it's a very pretty area! 

This is the Piermaster's House. Lauren's view was obstructed and she thought it said Piemaker's House! We found this incredibly amusing and spent a good few minutes creating piemaker scenarios. 

Oh hey guys

Liverpool Maritime Museum has a Titanic exhibition (it's free!), and being a Titanic fanatic, I insisted that was had a quick mooch around. It was packed! I noticed that there were a lot of tourists in the city, probably partly due to The Beatles link!

Speaking of The Beatles, we had a speedy glance around The Beatles shop. We didn't buy anything - but we liked the ceiling! 

Yellow Submarine!
I think Liverpool is a very attractive city. It's easy to walk around too - much more pedestrianised and compact than Birmingham.

After a tasty lunch break we retired to Ed's for a while and had a catch up. Then we did another hours worth of shopping - and this time a purchase WAS made (but not by me!) and jumped on the train home at about half 7. 

It was a fab day and I recommend Liverpool to all you Day Trippers! 

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  1. Aaaah Liverpool!! So much fun! I always wanted to visit it! xx

    1. You should go! It really is lovely :) xx

  2. Wow. Liverpool seems gorg! I really want to go someday!!! And I love ALL of these pictures I really love love LOVE the one of the carousel!!!!! And the wall that says "all you need its love" perf <3 I can't wait until your next posts!!!
    Paweit of:

    1. It's such a fab city!! Thank you for this lovely comment :) xx