Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Non-materialistic Wishlist #1

Rather than focusing on clothes and shoes and phone cases... (the list goes on), that I would very much like to own, I thought it might be fun, and economical, to create a "non-materialistic wishlist". 

1) I touched upon this subject in my rushing post... I really do need to get up earlier! Study leave has done nothing to help my night owl sleeping pattern. I have an exam tomorrow so I have no choice but to rise reasonably early, let's hope I don't slip back into lie-in mode! 

2) Technology has seriously reduced the amount of reading I do. Rather than picking up a good book before bed I pick up my laptop, which thinking about it, probably does not help my night owl tendencies! My friend, Lauren, got me this brilliant book by my favourite musician/artist/man and I'm aiming to increase the pace with it because it is so engaging! 

3) I have a sweet tooth and love cakes and biscuits and candy. My mom is the same and consequently, our cupboards are full of tempting treats. My goal is to limit myself to one sweet treat a day... which for me, won't be easy! I really should tackle my late night grazing too  - I just love food.

4) I received this adorable scrapbook for Christmas and still haven't got round to using it! I had a think about what I could begin to put in it last night, and I realised I actually do have a few nick-nacks such as cinema tickets and photos lying around - I'm looking forward to making a start :) 

5) Due to my last exam of year 12 being on Friday and half term being next week, plus study leave remaining for a little while, I will have 2 weeks off school where I have no work to do (yay!). I want to be wise with my time, going along with wish number 1, and make the most of the holiday.  Having said that, I think I do deserve a break after the first year of A Levels, but I don't want to be overly lazy! 

What's on your wishlist? :)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

A little update... (plus a quick OOTD)

The garden has began to bloom and is looking so pretty. Our garden is a summer garden... in the winter it looks fairly naff! The cats are enjoying the brighter weather too - Gemma clearly isn't a typical, terrified of water kitty! 

The sun today made some interesting spots of light in the house. The front door is partly made out of a sort of mottled glass and that along with the bay window in the front room, created random flashes of brightness. 

I have a 2 and a half hour long English literature exam tomorrow and I've been revising hard. I truly care about and have a passion for the subject, so I'm really hoping that the essay questions won't be too hard! I'm reasonably confident as my timings are okay (you have to write 3 essays), but I feel there's a lot riding on this exam - the pressure is on! 

Jeans - Topshop, Shirt - Gap, Jacket - Republic
I thought I'd throw in what I'm wearing today too. It's very simple and comfy, fab for a revision day. Sorry the photo wasn't taken outside, I took so many but none of them looked quite right, in fact I often have dodgy photography days! 

In a short while I'm heading out to see The Great Gatsby and I'm very excited! Leonardo DiCaprio is my favourite actor and I enjoyed reading the book - I have high expectations for the film! 

Hope you're having a lovely week,

Monday, 13 May 2013

Loving Lately List







1) Lantern lights
I bought these in Falmouth last month whilst I was revamping my room. They are so adorable! I think they're much prettier than normal fairy lights as they look lovely when off and on :)

2) iPhone
Last week, I made a super significant (for me!) purchase and bought myself an iPhone! I'd been saving for what felt like ages and after my birthday, finally had enough money to replace my fake Blackberry ;) I love having an iPhone and got used to it straight away! I'm so happy that I decided to take the plunge and buy one :)

3) Seventeen Pressed Powder
I don't usually gravitate towards 17 products, but a couple of my friends have this powder and I thought I'd give it a go... I must say, it's fab! It reduces shine, minimises pores and makes your skin look even and smooth. It's a brilliant powder for people who don't wear foundation (like me), but want to quickly improve the look of their skin. 

4) Rings and ear cuffs
I've been enjoying wearing this jewellery lately. It adds an extra little bit of interest to an outfit. I've just realised that I hardly ever wear necklaces - I wonder why... it's not that I dislike them!

5) Fred Perry pumps
As the weather has been better... actually, scratch that. Last there was an improvement, but at the present it's fairly dismal! Either way, I've been wearing my Fred Perry shoes more often since we are (hopefully) heading towards warmer weather. They're comfortable and go with everything! Along with Converse, they are the best quality canvas shoes I have come across.

6) Lotus Caramelised Biscuits
These little biscuits are delicious. I could eat a whole packet in one go -  amazing with, or without a cup of tea. 

What have you been loving lately?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Study Season

It's that time of year again... exams. Those dreaded, long anticipated tests which hang over us (and our teachers) for months. I had my As drama exam on Thursday evening and it went really well! It's different to other exams as it consists of a monologue or duologue and a group piece (all practical). Although it's kind of a fun exam (that gets you out of lessons all day to rehearse), it does involve nerves like no other, totally different to written exam nerves... in those exams you're not being scrutinised by a reasonably large audience! I find drama to be unlike any other subject - in a good way! :)

Soon though, along with so many students, I have daunting, painfully long written exams, and I think we all need a pep talk! It's easier said than done, but try not to overstress - it won't do you any favours. It's so typical to say, but just try your best. That way, you'll be more than satisfied when you open the results envelope in August. It's a terrible feeling to get your results, knowing that you could have pushed yourself further. 

I often find myself lacking motivation, and to get my revision head on, I picture the envelope and how I long for the letters inside to be from the beginning of the alphabet! I'm by no means an advocate of negative thinking, but sometimes, imagining how gutted I'll feel if I don't get the grades I want does get me rushing to my desk! But again, don't over stress. Don't panic. My first history exam in on Tuesday, but I haven't crammed this weekend with revision. Cramming doesn't work for me, just a few hours of quality revision over a couple of days will suffice, and I feel this actually works better for many people. :)

Another tip is to know what your going to do before you start a study session. I know from experience that without some kind of list or plan, I'll sit at a table, with countless books and sheets spread out, and just leaf through them with no focus. I find that I'm much more productive when I have specific tasks in mind and give them time limits with breaks in-between. Also, it's lovely to tick assignments off... it gives you a little boost. :) 

I hope this was helpful, good luck to all of you with up and coming (or already commenced) exams - I'm thinking of you!


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Rave about Records

My favourite band, Talking Heads, disbanded in 1991 (ish), meaning I'll never get the chance to see them live. Listening to vinyls seems very special to me. It's listening to a hard copy that was produced and manufactured when the band were still making music and touring. CD's nowadays are often remastered, but vinyls have more of a real, raw sound. The record was owned by Talking Heads fans themselves in the 70's and 80's - It's like going back in music time for me!  

Another thing I love about records is the sleeves. The size means they're perfect to use as mini posters (I have 4 on a wall in my room!) and the liner notes are often illustrated too. It's so satisfying to flick through your collection, choose a record, slip it out of the sleeve, pop it on the turn table, place the needle down... and enjoy the music. 

It's easy when listening to a CD or your iPod to skip a song or fast forward to your favourite part. With records it's not as simple to pick and chose, forcing you to stick with it and listen to the end - something which is often beneficial as you tend to find old gems that you would usually skip over mindlessly. I found my record player a few weeks ago in a charity shop for a more than reasonable £30! My uncle found another for £10 - so if you're after one, definitely check out your local charity shops! 

The only time (so far) that I've found a record that I was after in a shop, was (randomly) in a scruffy vinyl shop in Madrid! If you're looking for a specific record, eBay is a good place to try :) 
My parents have a decent amount of their records still. My mom has an amazing hoard of Bob Dylan records and a couple of The Beatles' - she's a cool lady :)

As you can probably tell, I'm loving having a record player and hunting for vinyls. It so fun for me, being such a huge Talking Heads fan, to listen to the original vinyls - it's the closest I can get to whizzing back to their hey-day! 

Thanks for reading, 

Monday, 6 May 2013


On Sunday my parents and I visited the beautiful Sunnycroft in Telford. The house is an impressive late-Victorian "gentleman's residence" that has been left in an incredibly authentic condition. The majority of the furniture, nick-nacks and d├ęcor of the house has been left untouched from when the last owner lived there. It feels as if you've gone back to 1930 and the owners have just popped out! I took a few photos of the gorgeous house and gardens - hope you enjoy! 


Sunday, 5 May 2013


I am always in a rush. For school, for a date with friends, for getting a lift... you name it - I'm rushing. My room receives the full brunt of my bad timekeeping.

Every time I leave the house my bed is unmade, products are left lingering on spare surfaces, clothes both for the wash and from choosing an outfit are strewn on the floor and chargers are left plugged in. I pride myself on the tidiness of my room (when I clean up the mess after I return), but the state it gets left in every morning is nothing to be proud of. Rushing frantically is no fun at all. Before school I avoid looking at the time until I really need to, in case it gives me a fright. Leaving the house with a clean room equals leaving the house with a clear, calm head - and I wish it happened more often. I have nobody to blame but myself and my night owl tendencies. How lovely it would be to have a relaxing morning rather than a rushed one! 

I hope I can change my frantic ways... only I can do it for myself - wish me luck!

Are your mornings rushed or relaxed?

Friday, 3 May 2013



Last Saturday, my friend Lauren and I went on a day-trip to the lovely city of Liverpool (cue Day Tripper by The Beatles). Liverpool has a great atmosphere, it's different to any other city I've been to, and there's plenty to see and do - especially for someone like me who loves old, interesting buildings!

We took the train and it turned out to be a fairly curious experience... Lauren and I spent most of the time people watching, which was very entertaining! 

My brother goes to university in Liverpool but before we met him, we did a spot of window shopping (of course!). We were both in a rather indecisive mood however and fell into a cycle of one of us saying, "I'm not sure whether to get this" and the other replying, "Well, we can always come back later!" :) 

After we met up with Ed, our first stop was the docks (Albert Dock). It's admirable that so many original buildings and features remain at the docks - it's a very pretty area! 

This is the Piermaster's House. Lauren's view was obstructed and she thought it said Piemaker's House! We found this incredibly amusing and spent a good few minutes creating piemaker scenarios. 

Oh hey guys

Liverpool Maritime Museum has a Titanic exhibition (it's free!), and being a Titanic fanatic, I insisted that was had a quick mooch around. It was packed! I noticed that there were a lot of tourists in the city, probably partly due to The Beatles link!

Speaking of The Beatles, we had a speedy glance around The Beatles shop. We didn't buy anything - but we liked the ceiling! 

Yellow Submarine!
I think Liverpool is a very attractive city. It's easy to walk around too - much more pedestrianised and compact than Birmingham.

After a tasty lunch break we retired to Ed's for a while and had a catch up. Then we did another hours worth of shopping - and this time a purchase WAS made (but not by me!) and jumped on the train home at about half 7. 

It was a fab day and I recommend Liverpool to all you Day Trippers! 

Thanks for reading,