Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Feline Friends

Crazy Cat Lady?!

I'm a cat person. I just adore their upright tails and squeaky chirrups and wispy whiskers. I'm aware that I probably do sound like a crazy cat lady, but I can't deny that I am slightly obsessed with my kitty cats. 

Gemma (1 year old) is such a happy kitty who's full of life. She leaps down the garden like a spring lamb and is the perfect balance of playful and affectionate.  

This photo is typical of Tabitha (6 years old). She is a slightly more idle cat who is most at home curled up by a radiator on a hot summers day... I forgive her though as she had a rough start in life and became a mother at the tender age of 9 months! (By the way, she's not hinting that she would like to come outside in this photo, she's trying to get my attention so I will give her a snack!) 

My garden is cat central, both of my next-door-neighbours have two cats as well - you can't go outside without a friendly feline coming to say hi :)

The neighbour's cat, Tigger

It's amazing how much you grow to love pets. It sounds clichéd, but Gemma and Tabitha really are members of the family. When I see cats enjoying their simple lives and living in the moment, it reminds me that we should do the same!  

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