Sunday, 28 April 2013

17th Birthday

Basically a post about the food I ate on my birthday...

I turned 17 on Thursday and thought it'd be nice to tell you what I did... which wasn't very much... and ALL of the photos are of food!

On Wednesday afternoon my grandparents came round for afternoon tea (how British). My mom is a great cook and makes amazing cakes, biscuits and everything in between. She really should open her own tea room! The b'day tea menu included salmon finger sandwiches, scones, orange cake, lemon cake and of course, tea!

I had school on my birthday (as usual) and had to stay behind for a drama rehearsal. This is the second birthday in a row that I've had an extra long school day because of drama! Oh well, at least it's a fun subject :)

In the evening my parents and I went to an incredible Victorian pub which still retains its original features. Being a Victorian/Edwardian history nerd, I thought this was super cool! The food was fab too. I went for a fairly plain burger, but it was extremely tasty. Sometimes simple is best! 

The burger looked so good that I forgot to take a photo before devouring a large chunk, hence the photo!

On Friday, my mom being the cooking wonder woman she is, baked me a chocolate birthday cake. I had a piece when it was still warm, and it was delicious. 

I received mainly money as I'm saving for an iPhone (which I should be getting this week - yay!). Hope you enjoyed this highly food based account of my birthday!



  1. Yummy food! Hope you had a great birthday!

    I've followed you :) -Olivia x -

  2. Yummy! The food looks delicious! Hope you had a lovely birthday! :) x Laura

    1. Thank you! :) x