Friday, 4 January 2013

New Years Resolutions!

First of all, I owe you a huge apology for disappearing from the blogging world for so long! My only excuse is that I'm finding A Levels a great deal harder that I thought I would...any tips would be much appreciated!
Secondly, happy new year! I never make a big deal of out new year, sometimes I find it kind of depressing, but this year I'm feeing excited about having a fresh start! :)

Here are my new years resolutions, they're not the most original, but hopefully you might find them interesting!

1) Get up earlier
I'm a but of a night owl, I find that it feels natural to stay up late, but then I regret the lie ins that come with that. When I do get up early, I enjoy it! To be honest, I always say I'm going to get up earlier... I hope I mean it this time!

2) Play the ukulele more
I love music and used to really enjoy playing the guitar when I was younger. I'm a ukulele player these days (I went to go and see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain last month - they were soooooo good, and hilarious!). Practising a little bit every day is a great way to improve, and I love the uke, so this one shouldn't be too hard. 

3) Be wise and productive with spare time
I would love to be some kind of journalist, so I want to start writing articles, reviews etc, on a regular basis. Most of my idols were doing what they wanted to do as a job (musician, actress, writer etc), when they were my age, even just as a hobby, it'll give me some experience either way. :) 

4) Get Jane's Jumbles up and running again!!!

5) Stop Procrastinating
I feel like this is on most people's lists,  but it really is a huge one. My ultimate aim is to do my homework on the day I get it. I'm a culprit of allowing work to pile up and become a hugely daunting task. I think that getting work out of the way quicker, and whilst it's still fresh in my memory, will make me much more cheerful! :) 

Again, I'm sorry for being absent these past few months... I'm back and raring to go! :)
What are your new years resolutions?


  1. I'm a night owl too, only ever manage to get up early if I have somewhere to be. Good luck with your resloutions!


  2. I'm totally with you on the whole 'getting up earlier' front! I didn't set myself any resolutions this year, but I think that probably should have been it :)

    Rachel x