Saturday, 1 September 2012

Wishlist #2

Some things that I would very much like to have...

1 - Asos Chelsea Boots, 2 - Zara bag, 3 - New Look jeans, 4 - New Look shoes, 5 - H&M top, 6 - Paperchase Pass Case

Another thing I would very much like to have is a job, I want one so badly! Then maybe I could afford these lovely things! Oh well, the job hunt continues...

1) I keep on fantasising about owning a pair of these Chelsea boots ,I think they would be fab for sixth form and the colder months. I also love how they are so simple to slip on and off :)

2) After buying 4 big notebooks for school, I beginning to worry that my satchel won't be big enough for some school days. This Zara bag would accommodate everything nicely. I love the smartness of it too. 

3) New Look is really impressing me at the moment! Every time I go in, several lovely things catch my eye. These burgundy jeans would be especially great for Autumn and are very similar to the Topshop Leigh Jeans, but at a much cheaper price :D They also have a gorgeous green version. 

4) I like the look of these slipper/loafer shoes because the front tab part comes quite high up the foot, which is good for me as I have ridiculously thin feet and finding flats that fit properly is a nightmare! 

5) I'm beginning to stress about not having enough tops for sixth form... which is a pretty good reason for me to buy this ombre/colour block top! I don't have anything like it and I think it would be perfect for days when I don't feel like thinking about my outfit too much. 

6) And finally, I think this pass case from Paperchase is absolutely adorable! I have a bus pass, and the case is literally falling apart (I am getting good at thinking of reasons to buy things!), and this case is just so pretty! ;) 

What's on your wishlist? 


  1. Love your choices , I've got to keep sixth form in mind now aswell. its going to be so hard to dress nice every day ! xx

  2. Those chelsea boots are so lovely! I would probably wear them everyday to sixth form!

  3. Loved the shoes and the bag!<3

  4. my fave is 3! so cute :)

    Alexa <3

  5. I love that Zara bag. I have the tan version and have to restrain myself from picking up the wine coloured one every time I go into the shop! Love the pass case from paperchase too! I always love that shop xx

    1. I love the simple style of the bag, it just looks so appealing haha! I always buy something when I go into Paperchase, everything's just so cute! :) xx

  6. I love Chelsea boots too, just bought a pair on Asos but slightly different from your choice, still beaut though!xo

  7. loving the dip dye shirt! tesco also having soem bargain chelsea boots for £15, you should check them out! :) xx

  8. I am completely obsessed with burgundy jeans! I want a pair so badly! Burgundy is such a hot color right now and it is so flattering on so many different hair/skin tones. love love love.


  9. I love this wishlist and i love how you didn't just name the things you want, but added why you wanted them and your worries or thoughts about it. It was super interesting :)

  10. Replies
    1. I'm trying to save up for them haha! :') xx