Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Liebster Award!

Get to know me!

I am delighted to say that I have been tagged 3 times to do the Liebster Award for small blogs with less than 200 followers - thank you to Deonne, Grace and Anna for tagging me! Seeing as I've been tagged by 3 different people, I'll be answering a lot of questions and repeating myself slightly, so by the end of this post you'll all get A*s on the About Jane exam :) 

Here are the rules:

1) Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, plus create 11 questions to be answered by those you have tagged.
3) Choose 11 bloggers and link them in your post
4) Go on their page and tell them you have awarded them the tag
5) Remember, not tag backs!

11 things about me...

1) I am 16 and will be starting my first year of sixth form in September
2) My favourite subject at school is drama
3) I'm going to be doing A Levels in history, drama, English literature and English language
4) My favourite band is Talking Heads, I adore them
5) My favourite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio!
6) I got a goldfish for my 5th birthday and at 11 years old, he's still going strong! His name is Peter :)
7) I have two cats, Tabitha who is 5, and Gemma who is 1
8) I live with my parents and my brother who is 18
9) I play the ukulele and my ukulele is called Barnaby-Benedict
10) My favourite TV programme is The Big Bang Theory 
11) I love reading and my favourite books are The Catcher in the Rye and A Patchwork Planet

Here are the questions that Deonne set for me:

1) why did you start you blog?
I love reading blogs and watching YouTube videos and thought I'd give it a go myself! Also, I love writing and always used to make pretend magazines when I was little and in a way, I find it kind of similar to blogging!

2) What is your favourite blog and why?
I have so many favourites, I couldn't pick one! Some of my favourites are Jodie Olivia, Sprinkle Of GlitterFashion RushDanielle's Closet, and LOADS more!

3) What is your favourite thing to do besides blogging?
Listening to music and just joking around with my friends and family

4) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Jacket potatoes!

5) A boring one - what's your favourite colour?

6) What is your favourite type of post to read?
Fashion posts and ones just about life and travelling

7) What is your favourite type of post to do yourself?
Outfit of the days and ones where I talk about places I've been too and show the photos I've taken :)

8) What is your favourite clothing shop?

9) What is your favourite make up brand?
Hmmm, this is a hard one... maybe Maybelline and Soap & Glory's make up range is pretty good :)

10) What is your skincare regime?
I use a face wash and I moisturise everyday, as well as that I exfoliate my face a couple of times a week

11) What would you describe your personal style as?
Wow, this is tricky! I guess a lot of the time I like wearing collared shirts, so kind of preppy, but also, I like to think that sometimes I go for an "urban bohemian" look, but that just sounds hilariously ridiculous so that's this question done! ;)

Here's the questions Grace set for me:

1) What is your favourite food type?
I love pasta and potato so maybe carbohydrates, however I love cake and sweets too!

2) What is your childhood memory?
I have a lot! But a favourite one is of going on "adventures" with my cousin (and my brother if he fancied joining us) at a relatives old house in the middle of the countryside :)

3) What is your most treasured piece of jewellery? 
A vintage locket my parents bought me a couple of years ago

4) Who is your girl crush?
Miley Cyrus! Her style is amazing :)

5) If your fire alarm went off what would be the one material item you would risk grabbing?
omg this is tough! Maybe my laptop, or my camera, do they count as material items?! Or maybe my satchel...  arghhh I don't know!

6) What is your favourite accent?
I'm not too sure... the New York accent is pretty cool

7) What one fashion item would you buy if you could afford it?
A beautifully cut, real leather jacket

8) Where is your dream place to live?
Falmouth or New York

9) What is your favourite hobby? (other than blogging ofc ;) )
I've sort of already answered this, so I'll think of another thing I like doing... I enjoy walking haha!

10) Who is your favourite beauty 'guru'?
My favourite YouTube one is Arden from arose186

11) Why did you start blogging?
Already answered this one too! :)

Here are the questions Anna set for me:

1) What is you favourite ice cream flavour?

2) Have you ever dyed your hair?
No :)

3) What's you favourite make up brand?
Already answered :)

4) What's your favourite place to shop?
I answered my favourite clothes shop earlier, however a favourite non-clothes shop of mine is   Paperchase :D

5) What your favourite book?
I answered this too! Ermm... I love the book A Night to Remember aswell as my two fave ones! 

6) What's your favourite band/singer
As I've already said, my favourite band is Talking Heads :) but I adore Bob Dylan too!

7) What did you eat for your last meal?

8) Flats of High Heels?
Flats :)

9) What's your favourite holiday destination?
Falmouth or Madrid

10) Who is your favourite person to watch on YouTube?
Arden from arose186

11) What's your favourite telly programme?
Another question that I've already answered! Sherlock is my 2nd favourite TV programme though ;)

Here are the questions I've set for the people I have tagged:

1) What's your favourite film genre?
2) What's your favourite animal?
3) If you could be from any other country, which country would it be?
4) What's your dream job?
5) What do you and your friends enjoy doing the most together?
6) Do you play an instrument and if not, what instrument would you like to play?
7) Do you have any siblings?
8) What's your favourite pizza topping?
9) Chocolate or sweets?
10) Which season is your favourite?
11) How tall are you?

I tag (all these blogs are linked, blogger wouldn't let me change the colour of the font!): 

You & I  

Hope you enjoyed!


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