Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Back to School Bags!

Which bag to choose for school?! There's so many different styles of bags out there, and if you have to wear a school uniform, your bag can be the only way to express your personal style.

One thing I've learnt from twelve years of education, is that school bags NEED to be durable. It's so annoying to be having to buy a new bag every month because your previous one ripped under the strain of a whole bookshelf worth books! Also, I think it's brilliant if you have a bag that you are happy to use all the time, not just for school. 

I bought a Scaramanga leather satchel two years ago and it's still going strong. It's such a classic, timeless design that goes with pretty much anything, and being leather, it's incredibly strong and waterproof. I use it for school and whenever else I feel like using it (which is a lot of the time!), it was an excellent investment and has worked out to be serious value for money. 

Backpacks are another fab choice for school. They are rather trendy at the moment, and they are extremely practical as well of course :) School bags can get VERY heavy, and distributing their colossal weight over both shoulders is a lot more comfortable for many people. I adore this Herschel backpack, it's a perfect size and looks great. There's a load of pattern backpacks around at the moment, however I think a solid colour, or simpler design will work a lot better for a school bag, as it will go with more and has less chance of going out of fashion the week after you buy it!

I absolutely love these Longchamp Le Pliage large tote bags. They come in a huge variety of colours, and are such a gorgeous, ageless design. As well as being wonderful for school (lots of room for books etc), they are ideal for using for any occasion, meaning you'll definitely get your moneys worth out of it!

What bag are you using for school this year?

Good luck to anyone getting there GCSE results tomorrow!


  1. I love the Longchamp bag! I'm getting my gcse results tomorrow and I'm so nervous! xo

    1. I'm nervous too! Even though I know stressing about it won't change the grades :') Good Luck! xx

  2. Like them all!

  3. They're really nice choices, I'm still looking for a perfect back to school back pack :)
    Please check out my blog and we can follow each other xx
    ~ Mannie

  4. Love the brown one!

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