Thursday, 26 July 2012

Skull and Skirt OOTD

Top - New Look, Skirt - Topshop

The weather is so lovely and warm at the moment, finally we get the chance to wear some summery clothes!

Sunglasses - Accessorize 

I don't own many skirts but I love this one, it hangs beautifully and is so neutral. I added this decorative skull top to toughen and brighten the outfit up a bit. 

Ring - Claire's 

Ring - boutique in Madrid 

Shoes - Fred Perry
I wear these pumps all the time, they go with loads and are so comfy.

I apologise if these photos are a bit dodgy, this is my first outfit of the day and I'm still learning how to take the photos the best way :) 

My cat, Gem, decided to join in and do her own outfit of the day. As you can see, she is sporting a delightful ginger, white and dark brown all-in-one. She is sitting next to a giant box of crisps that I was using as a tripod (glamorous).

Hopefully the weather will stay good and we'll have many more opportunities to wear our summer garments! 



  1. This outfit is so cute! I used to own LOADS of summer clothes, but over the years of dull weather, I don't own as many now :( So I am a bit stuck when it comes to clothes with this lovely weather! The rings are gorgeous too, and I love your blog, so I am going to follow xo

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean about all the dull weather we have :( I hope you find a solution to your warm weather clothes dilemma!! Your blog is rather cool, therefore I am going to follow you back :D xx

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  3. love this outfit; and your cat is so cute! :) xx

  4. wow. your outfit looks amazing and i love your t shirt.
    you are a pretty girl <3


    1. Thank you!
      I love your blog, your style is amazing, I followed! :) xx